Edivia Navarro

I am interested in what wants to be born, in the untouched health behind illness,in the depth that shows itself on the surface of the world, in the evolutionary playful impulse behind all creation, YES, behind you also, behind the illness particularly.Illness as an opportunity to let light through the cracks.

I am curious about the mystery that meets me in every encounter. I want to know all that is looked behind bars and keys. I want to open all doors and walk every step of my path, dig, dive, reach, jump, carve, forge, shake and dance.

I believe the world is ready for the unprecedented r-evolution of self respons-ability, inter-dependence and co-creation, is more fun and easy all together.

I feel that feminine power and global consciousness together with a radical commitment to embody and live from the personal truth and collective contribution is going to create a coming renaissance of unimaginable creativity and communal well being.
I crave for a crowd, a multitude of radical enlivening forces,better, an organized tribe that cares about illuminating the dark places, injustice to be eradicated, and resources to be distributed more egalitarian, and as I look around I see a world that is changing rapidly toward new ways of livingin the same shared planet-home,spaceship,mother

I believe cancer is not only genes gone arbitrarily mad, also a toxic environment, also a toxic relationship with self and world, also a lost sense of where all this abundant proliferation of information, goodies and Facebook friends is going when we had lost grasp of who we are here and now.

In my experience we all need inspiration and encouragementto heal and thrive after been hurt and
touched by illness. We gather up, we recover our broken dreams, and we flourish with the sweetest fruits and the coziest shade under our treetop where new life huddles together.

I believe we get sick
when we lie about who we are, the friction of the incongruence depletes our immune system, the bigger the inconsistency the greater the depletion.

To be oneself is a divine imperative that takes up a whole life to fulfill.

Of course I never pretend to have all the answers. Mostly have questions.

My commitment is to bring to you the distilled elixirs and concocted practices from a lifelong exploration from living in the healing edge of art and medicine, somatic and shamanic, philosophy and psychology, spirit and science,mind and matter, psyche and soma ,to share with you all I have learned from the most influential therapists, healers and pathfinders of the 20th, and 21st century, and to keep it real and honest as I go.

I made the movie Turn OfCancer/ Turn On Life to ignite in you a passion for your possible healing, to provide a pile of evidence to hold you in your moments of uncertainty in your recovery from cancer.
I put grandmother’s common sense under the the light of latest neuroscience and immunology, to separate the wheat from the chaff and cut straight into what matters the most when your life it at stake.

It excites me to see how the film is loosening up the hearts and minds of so many people and how incites them into an adventure  that will get them to look back some day and say:
“It has been a formidable ride”.


[testimonial company=”Stanford University School of Medicine” author=”David Spiegel, M.D.
Professor School of Medicine & Associate Chair Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences.” image=”http://www.turnoffcancerturnonlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/david-spiegel-sq.png”]
“A moving and thoughtful examination of the questions surrounding mind and body in Cancer.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”Special Consultant to the
Office of Technology Assessment on
Unconventional Cancer Treatments and
Author of Choices In Healing: Integrating
The Best of Conventional and
Complementary Approaches to Cancer” author=”Michael Lerner” image=”http://www.turnoffcancerturnonlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/michael-lerner-sq.png”]”A fine and useful film about
integrative healing with cancer.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”Director Cancer Programs” author=”Dean Shrock” image=”http://www.turnoffcancerturnonlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/dean-shrock-sq.png”]”I pray everyone involved with cancer sees this movie.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”Bestselling author of Calling in The One and co-leader of the Feminine Power Global Community” author=”Katherine Woodward Thomas” image=”http://www.turnoffcancerturnonlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/katherine-woodward-sq.png”]”This beautiful and powerful film
will fill your heart and mind
with strength, wisdom and
inspiration for your journey
beyond cancer, and will support you
to discover a new life.”[/testimonial]


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