Cancer and Body-Mind Desintegration





You can see in this enlightening video Dr Robert Ader and Dr David Felten in the beginning of the revolutionary discovery that shifted the paradigm in medicine. In spite of the evidence we have collected  in the last 20 years that proves not only the interaction of the body and the mind but the actual inseparability, the real unity of mind and body in the whole  organism, medicine continues giving its back to this scientifically established reality and continues dividing artificially mind and body, left and right, back and front, heart and liver, brain and guts.

I am not against analysis. It provides depth to the investigation, but afterwards we should go back and re-integrate the discoveries into the whole in a work of synthesis that re-constitutes the wholeness of life.

Otherwise our microanalysis takes as to partial solutions that fix one side and destroy the other. We live in a medical paradigm, where   curing something often has terrible consequences in the rest of the organism.

We buy into this unwholesome medicine because we are in love with quick fixes. We have lost faith in the wisdom of nature, we ignore the sophistication of the process, we have no patience for the complexity of the self regulating mechanism, we don’t believe that we need to pay attention to the whole is fundamental to make sure the good functioning.

It happens in oncology  and it happens in all disciplines. We have been told that this is the only way to go, and some times it may be necessary, but in general there are always more holistic solutions that take on account the totality of what being human means: the body, mind, spirit, and  social dimensions of our lives.

We can see that in all areas of life. Economy, agriculture, education, world affairs, environment…we call it the price of progress. We invent pesticide have more crops and now the food we eat kills us instead of nourishing. We have more comfort but we increased the illness due to our sedentary lifestyles.

We establish borders among countries and among systems in the body, but the reality is that all those artificial demarcations cannot prevent pollution from crossing over Oceans and Mountains and the same happens with our bodies, living communities of organs and cells where the ultimate goal is the expression of life endless creativity.

If you want to see the evolution of the paradigm that Dr Felten and Dr Ader initiated in the 80’ watch the movie Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life , where 30 leading scientist including Ader and Felten get together to share why it is more urgent that ever to put back together what had been separated for too long. 






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