Chris Jung PhD

Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a J.D. from Union University, an LL.M. in International Environmental law from the George Washington University (highest honors), and will complete an M.A. in Religious Studies from Naropa University in the fall. His LL.M. thesis concerned “Genetically Modified Organisms, Environment and International Trade: A Hypothetical Case Study Regarding the Application of the Biosafety Protocol and Related International Regimes.” His primary topic of interest at Naropa is in systems theory and its application to issues related to science and technology. Chris is also exploring the convergence between emerging empirical views of reality and Buddhist non-dual thought.

Chris has twenty years of experience as a general counsel and litigator with the Navy JAG Corps where he did substantial work in the areas of NEPA, RCRA/CERCLA, ESA, and the MMPA. Chris also did international work in developing the rule of law in Afghanistan. While he remains interested in environmental policy, Chris is concerned with the mindful and ethical development of law and policy as it relates to emerging transformative technologies.

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