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  Incontrovertible, Bulletproof Science, Transformational…Game changing

 Physical, metaphysical and beyond…



I speak to audiences.

At events, on blogs, and in interviews; on the phone, online, and offline, in huts, conference rooms, colleges, book stores, clubs, airports, churches, ashrams, parks, hospitals, private homes, parking lots, warehouses, city squares, theaters, blind alleys, prisons, monasteries, offices and other modern temples, community gardens, barren lands where we together manage to bring down some grace and pour in some hope to fuel the vision for the future, just call me and let me fulfill my purpose of empowering people to heal, to be adventurous, to blossom, to add their chord to the collective song.

“Edivia Navarro speaks to the whole person and engages all dimensions necessary to produce the synergy of healing in roomfuls of people. She combines with wisdom and compassion all the ingredients for an unforgettable event: depth, breath and outright fun, entertaining and authentic inspiration, articulated and practical scientific alchemy.”
Martin Shelby

If you absolutely want to get informed+clear+inspired+movilized in all the possible ways by the hottest, newest and most practical neuroscience and psychosomatics to propel you forward in your recovery from cancer

Get Edivia Navarro on board. Grab one hour, an afternoon or a full day of real body-mind conversation

One-hour Keynote- Good, if brief, twice as good

An interactive Q&A session in the art of drawing your map and navigating your boat toward the Promised Land of Health Bounty.

Get your questions answered + your heart pumped up for the sailing forward

Half Day- Getting it in the bones

Get the body experience that will empower your people in the first steps of the journey.

Convenient jumpstart into the future you are committed to create. There is no way back to the past

Full Day-Keynotes, Processes, Rituals, workshop and worship.

Enter the Turn Life ON Lab and get the whole cornucopia of instantaneous and not so instantaneous but nevertheless radically transformative practices.

                 Better that surgery! IT IS A LIFE LIFT!

I enjoy creating with my presence a shift in the energy of the room that invites to bring down guards and distances, pool in talents and gifts, and share the richness of life in all its range of sublime beauty and unfathomable tragedy.I like to wake up the sleeping beauties, stir lifelong held true desires, let the chaos settle into clarity, poor liquid love for everyone to soak to their hearts content and extend as much actionable knowledge as is humanly possible so people can spend the rest of their lives implementing it. I let my evolutionary eyes to penetrate into the future that we are here to co-create. I love to see people to get sharp-laser clear about what it is that everyone wants to create and how to get there”  Edivia Navarro


You guaranty a peaceful tornado by inviting Edivia Navarro. She doesn’t leave a stone unturned in a way that is so gentle, you’ll keep asking how did she ever got so much accomplished in such a delicate manner.

She lives and breaths her message of Radical Enlivening


To explore how you can TURN ON your event and the lives of your people, contact Esther at

We’ll work together to tailor a meaningful, engaging, soul-jammed Turn Off Cancer. Turn ON life Session for your audience.



  • Rewired her brain and body with the Alexander Technique, after failed surgery for bifida spine and consequent wheelchair.
  • Loves to walk the tight rope of Life’s mysteries jumping among the dangling trapezes of art, philosophy, science and body awareness
  • Holds so many degrees, diplomas and certifications that recently she has decided to give them a better use by starting the fireplace in the wintertime.
  • Directed in the early 90’ The wealth of life, providing mindbody peak performance for Wall Street madness.
  • She taught Alexander Technique at the Experimental Wing in the theater department NYU
  • In 1996, back in Spain, she founded Transform-Action 1996-2011) a pioneer Centre where all kinds of art modalities (movement, theater, writing, music, film, photography, dance, sculpture,  etc. ) were used for health, growth and individual and social transformation
  • In 1997 founded IDEITA, the Institute for Research, Development and Education in the Alexander Technique , much more than a a training school, a place of investigation into the mindbody relationships underlying optimum health and expression of the individual, both in clinical settings and the performing arts.
  • She had created numerous Peak Performance Programs for many communities, companies, TV Stations and universities.
  • Also had a private practice and worked with individuals in all kinds of transitions for more than 25 years.
  • In her present lifetime, for few years now, she is researching the new fields of Psychoneuroimmunology and neuroplasticity as they relate to cancer survival.
  •  She had developed programs and had lead numerous retreats for cancer patients and their families.
  • Her own diagnosis and the death of many friends and family members with cancer, specially her mom and a week later her dad, lead her to create the movie Turn Off Cancer. Turn ON Life.
  • She strives to be more herself each day, more real and more of service to you in your re-discovering your wealth of creativity to heal and turn around your life after cancer diagnosis …
  • She believes in whole food, whole mind, whole heart …


I understand , relate and had truly felt your discouragement, your fear, your overwhelm since your diagnosis. Let me empower you to get where you have been longing for all along.


If you want to borrow any of the stuff on this site,
go for it. Just give credit where it’s due. Spread the love.
melting in gratitude







10% of earnings is distributed among the following organitations depending on the always so numerous and urgent needs


  • ACNUR 

Another 10% of revenue is dedicated to fund the movie , courses and retreats to communities in need all over the world. As an organization you can write us at  to get funded on our programs.

  • “TOCTOC Activists” is a program designed to get copies of the film into the hands of needy organizations. Toctoc Activists are individuals who search their local community for places that might find the DVD helpful. These might include cancer patients support groups, schools, jails, homeless shelters, veteran’s organizations, women’s groups, and so on.
  • When a Toctoc Activist identifies a list of places that could use the DVD, we then provide copies for them to distribute, FREE of charge.

    It’s our way of getting this important information in the hands of those who need it most!
    If you’re interested in becoming aToctoc Activists, read the general guidelines below, and then email when you’re ready to get going.


    We ask each TOCTOC Activist come up with a list of the organizations that they have access to and can deliver the copies to, in person. Then we’ll mail you one copy for each organization (or more if it’s appropriate for a particular organization)

    What we ask from you for each organization is:

    a. Name of the organization
    b. Contact person
    c. Address/website/contact info

    We would love for you to keep in touch with us and let us know how things go so we can post results on the website and show how the message is spreading.

    You probably know better than we do what the best places are to get the DVD to in your local area, but if you need any help, please let us know.

    Because of cost of shipping, we ask that you find at least 10 organizations so we can send it in bulk. If you haven’t seen the DVD yet, you can order it at We do ask that TOCTOC Activists order one copy of the DVD for themselves, for obvious reasons!

    If you’re interested in becoming a TOCTOC Activists, email  to ++when you’re ready with the 10 organizations that you believe would benefit from watching  TurnOff Cancer/Turn On Life but cannot afford it. 




Find Edivia Navarro at

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Love Letters and birthday presents (October 18th, What I most love is getting pampered at a luxurious spa)

Edivia Navarro-Transform-Action.Palma 26, 4i. Madrid 28004. Spain

DVD Distribution Head Office:

4610 Prime Parkway
McHenry, Illinois 60050


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