Immune Intelligence Formula

 A  8+5  Weeks Online Program

To Turn Off Cancer And Switch On Your LIFE


Thriving after Cancer

Doesn’t have to be a Struggle


Discover a new synergetic , scientifically proven, multi-dimensional. leading edge technology, mind-body-heart centered system that gives you all of the tools you need to:

  • Find out how to end up the fear that creeps up at night and the constant anxiety in the face of a life threatening illness
  • Here is how to Stop feeling cursed and scared for the rest of your life
  • Replace feeling lost and overwhelmed with a sense of inspiration, hopefulness and joy
  • Learn how to use cancer as an evolutionary drive to discover your gidden gifts and strenths and your magnificent dreams as a legacy to the world
  • Create an easy, integral, healthy lifestyle tailored to assess and address all the elements that compound to create The Immune Intelligence you need to thrive after cancer.




” The Immune Intelligence Formula To Turnoff Cancer And Switch On Your Life” is just what you are looking for if you are ready to move forward with your life and design your future around your health, your wellbeing and your contribution to the world, not only surviving cancer but creating a meaningful and passionate life.





” The Immune Intelligence Formula To Turnoff Cancer And Switch On Your Life” helps you to deal with the emotions that are overwhelming you right now and together we will co-create the Mindset and Lifestyle that will move you forward into your future with clarity and ease.

The techniques I use I have accumulated through many years of study, research and experience. Designed to show you how to change radically your perspective, unlock your potential to heal and create the shifts that will empower you to live a long and happy life.


In moments of hopeful musings, you have dared to envision a new healthy you, a new you that has dared to live in your own terms, that is at peace with the past and that has looked into the eye of the wildest future, that knows that a cancer-free life is possible, and that that requires some profound changes.

The rewards are not only health but also happiness and fulfillment without limits, a life that stretches to include your greatest contribution to the world, because there is not health and wholesome happiness possible if we don’t embody your more authentic purpose and meaning.

Picture yourself radiant with an inner glow, sharing with the world the fruits of your life, contributing to enhance the lives of the people you love, relishing and savoring the privilege of walking and playing on the Earth here and now. Now that you have discovered how poignantly beautiful life is, you want to stay and show the world who you really are.



In your inner depths you know you can taste the profound transformation that will happen on all levels when you finally make the choice and truly commit to a daily, integral healthy practice tailored to assess, and address all the elements that compound to create the Immune Intelligence Formula To Turn Off Cancer And Turn On Your Life







Discover how it feels to be part of an evolutionary, conscious, loving, compassionate and passionate global community of people that are crazy in love with life and themselves and totally committed to turn off cancer & turn on their lives

Participate in a movement that is exploring what it means to co-create a new paradigm of health, well-being and accessing the highest potentials for contribution and meaningful, deeply satisfying lives.

Tap into your deepest longings and desires and wake up your heart-centered intelligence to give full response to the challenges you are facing due to having cancer in a highly polluted, dramatically stressful, extremely uncertain and rapidly changing world.


Your heart, mind and your body have so much wisdom and you can learn to listen to them and tap into unknown intelligence and sensibilities and develop strengths, capabilities and potential you didn’t know you had within yourself.


You have so much to give, so much to enjoy, a new life to unfold in front of you. You are ready to do the work and find out what you have to clear and release physically, emotionally, mentally so you can have the life you know is your own: a life blessed with love, vibrant health and meaningful contribution!

If You’re passionate about healing yourself and our world and you have tried to change some things already you know there is one thing that’s essential for your personal and our collective healing: an authentic, transformative, effective healing practice, because healing doesn’t happen overnight.

Making sure we remain cancer-free indefinitely requires profound changes that are not easy to implement. There are too many in too many dimensions of life. We need an overall vision and guidance.





That’s what’s missing in conventional medicine for the most part, it approaches health in a very reductionist manner, eliminating the mind and the heart, the consciousness and the will, the real attributes that makes us human.

It dehumanizes medicine and reduces us to fleshy machines. This approach is no longer sufficient. We need a radically inclusive, customized methodology that empowers us in our daily life and provides us with the best practices to optimize the immense power of the immune system and the untapped capacities of our mind to keep us healthy.

We need inspiration and insight to live aligned with our deepest truth, to make sure we are not only healthy but also whole.

We know that if we are truly committed to our survival, we need a daily strategy, a plan, a routine, a ritual that includes healing practices for all the dimensions involved in the creation and maintenance of health and a life that’s worth living.

Yet for too many of us, something gets on the way of actually progressing in our self-healing. It could be the stress or busyness of life, or the demands of work and family, or simply the labyrinth of complexity we are facing, or the overwhelming depth and heights of what looks as impossible leaps of faith, or we just feel trapped in a maze impossible to scape, just too difficult to find the way out alone. Or maybe we’ve tried before—many times even—but after a while we get discouraged, we give up too soon.

In one way or another, we get blocked, lost, trapped, distracted, sabotaged, or led astray from our intention to truly live, breath, and Turn On Life in all its vibrant dimensions. And in doing so, we are dangerously compromising our recovery from cancer and the deeply satisfying Life we could be already enjoying in spite or precisely because of the illness.

We delay and defer the call to replace old habits that sicken us, we don’t have a way to support the process of changing outdated ways of thinking and feeling, transforming our daily sickening rituals and actualize who we most fully and truly are.

In our personal lives just copying with the cancer treatment is a full time job all in itself. On top of that we’re dealing with nearly constant medical procedures, test and stressors.

Also like any other person in the complex and demanding lifestyles we have created we are the recipients of huge economic, social, and environmental challenges, we have too many responsibilities and a life style that often gets on the way of providing for the very same things we pursued it to begin with.

With so many demands on our time, emotions and attention, it’s no wonder that it’s such a challenge to establish a solid, simple, essential and more important proven and reliable healing practice that’s easily integrated in our crazy days!

And yet, if you want to make sure that you survive cancer and stay that way for long, you have to.

It is mandatory that you make sure that all dimensions that intervene in the Immune Intelligence Quotient are contemplated and aligned to provide the synergy that’s necessary to create a secure and long lasting foundation of health.

It is not enough that you eat well and detox thoroughly if your mind is full of unconscious, unexamined believes that robs you of the clarity and peace necessary for the correct functioning of the immune system.

It is insufficient that you religiously visualize your cancer tumor shrinking if your old trauma and unfinished business continue leaking the life-giving energy through wounds life long old.

It would be irresponsible to pray to God without doing your part at transforming the behaviors that do create illness into the ones that provide the platform for your health and a better future for yourself, your loved ones, and our world.

I am sure that you have a dream, a legitimate aspiration, I know you are ready to take responsibility for your own life and make the changes that will make of cancer a truly turning point, o landmark that will sign up the beginning of the best of you.

If you are like the hundreds of people diagnosed with cancer I have worked with, you probably had done a very serious search and you have done a lot of development and transformation already. Yet somehow, the kind of experience you are looking for and you know it is possible, eludes you, or doesn’t last and you are left deeply frustrated and disappointed.

You probably feel confused, unable to figure out why some people die and other with no effort surf over the stormy waters of cancer. You may be wondering if you have done something wrong or you have missed totally the point…or (most frightening of all) that there is something really wrong you have done and you deserve to be punished

It cannot be more natural to have those feelings; it is just only too human to be confronted with all our unresolved issues when we are facing our unavoidable mortality.  We are all going to die, but most people can forget about this until a life threatening illness shows up on their door like un uninvited guest…

I know that the cancer diagnosis has been a blow that has dissipated all your complacency but…



The important thing is that no matter how uncomfortable and dark all those unfinished business may seem to you, you have the power to change them. From now on you can go about to create a new life for yourself and your loved ones in a way that is deeply satisfying, enjoying every step of the way and feeling safe and protected in your very cocoon of transformation and accompanied by the community that will celebrate your metamorphosis.

Cancer is one of those unwanted gifts. It hasn’t asked for your approval, but now that has shown up in your life as an unwanted visitor, maybe we can receive it and see what it wants from us, what’s the message and the transformation is asking from us. So we unwrap it and see what is in there.

Most of us will be only willing to experience it as slapping us on the face, but also is giving you an unasked opportunity to turnaround matters and inquire into important questions that would go unanswered otherwise.


The Next Step in the Power Healing Practice: Immune Intelligence Formula To Turn Off Cancer And Turn On Your Life

For almost 35 years, Edivia Navarro has been researching an extraordinary range of healing and transformative practices and exploring the highest reaches of our human potential.


After decades of in-depth learning and practice with some of the world’s greatest living pioneers in the fields of body, mind and spirit, she created Transform-Action, a cutting-edge school for the application of a Integral Vision of Human Development, uniting body, mind, spirit, and soul. Soon she began teaching these revolutionary principles around the world.

For few years now she has been distilling the core practices of a truly sustainable healthy life for people diagnosed with cancer. She has been fighting in others as well as in herself the subtle barriers and daily life issues that people encounter when they commit to living healthy and happily in our toxic, busy and crazy world.

She is the director of Turn Off Cancer. Turn On Life. A 77 minutes long documentary where she interviews more than 30 leading edge scientists that have pioneered the emerging fields of Psychoneuroimmunology, Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity and whose contributions have transformed the definition of disease, and the compartmentalization of Medicine. This is the most important visual compilation to date on mindbody research applied to cancer.

To fully integrate the body, mind and heart in the survival of cancer, she was inspired to create ” The Immune Intelligence Formula To Turn Off Cancer And Turn On Your Life” a daily, personalized, mind-body-heart-centered practice based on scientific principles from somatics, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, neuroplasticity, and the most transformative practices from body, mind and heart centered psychotherapy.

With a conscious integration of body, mind and heart, ” The Immune Intelligence Formula To Turn off Cancer And Turn On Your Life is the next step in the evolution of recovering from cancer


 Blueprint for recovering from cancer


The 8 weeks, online course ” The Immune Intelligence Formula To Turn off Cancer And Turn On Your Life” is designed to help you connect—and keep reconnecting—to the essential source of your healing power, and teaches you how to tap into that power source at any moment, in your daily life.

It is a practice that is completely and totally customized to you.

This is not a “cookie-cutter” approach to healing practice or some outdated prescription

Immune Intelligence Formula To Turn Off Cancer and Turn On your Life is a complete system of the most powerful healing tools, teachings and techniques distilled into an easy to use, integral and synergistic framework.

Edivia will guide you—step-by-step—in establishing a sustainable lifestyle that activates the full potentials of your body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul to recover from cancer and create a life that you wake up to each morning with passion and delight.

She will facilitate you through unique processes that are designed to further empower and deepen your recovering and enlivening practices.

Best of all, you will be part of a committed global community of people who will be exploring what it means to co-create a healthy life and a new cultural movement that brings an awakened, heart-centered intelligence to the challenges we face when going through a threatening illness as cancer.

To take your practice even deeper, Edivia will also be offering 8 weekly Live Coaching and Q&A Sessions, where she will answer your personal questions, lead guided visualizations and review relevant practices to the issues you’re facing in your healing journey.

To further enrich this in-depth integrative training in the art and science of recovering wholeness after cancer, Edivia and her team will be available for consultation both in the forum as well as in the Facebook page created for the members of the community.



Whether you are a seasoned veteran on the war against cancer or you are just newly diagnosed, you will discover keys to support you in whatever stage of the journey you are at.

You will be able to beginning to awaken to the healing capacities of your immune system when it is in alignment with your conscious and unconscious mind as well as your heart true desire to live in agreement with your deepest truth and your highest possibilities.

The online course Immune Intelligence Formula to Turn Off Cancer and Turn On Life is an ideal way to get the guidance, insight, and support you need  to catalyze your healing journey, away from cancer and into the embodiment of your true Life of joy, meaning and contribution.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and take the next step towards an authentically joyful, healthy life, this is your opportunity.

You are ready, enough waiting! Make the choice that will change everything, and embark on the path to Turn Off Cancer and Switch On Your Life, both for the highest expression of your healthy self and the health of our world.


If you are tired of miraculous, fragmented, one-sided, fundamentalist and fear based approaches to healing from cancer, try a super-holistic approach and see the immediate difference.

Grab this unique opportunity to:  

  • Strengthening and clarifying the vision about your life. Vision the possible you that is becoming mature to come out into the world
  • Create personal rituals and daily-healing-habits to anchor your learning and ongoing practices
  • Recover the original trust in the Goodness of life: understand that life is been up underneath you, even in those terrible passages
  • Get in touch with the unstoppable power of your will to live, the impulse within, underneath and behind all survival.
  • Identify what has to be released to make way for new life.
  • Feel empowered, uplifted and inspired into a new life that you can wake up in the morning with delight.
  • Stay current with the newest scientific discoveries on the bodymind to recover from cancer. 

  • Learn to use your own navigation system that will be guiding your unique way of creating a satisfying life, which makes your immune system vibrate with renewed power.
  • Dare to go consciously through this sacred healing time, step into the future of your own becoming.
  • Discover how to create endings that are new beginnings.
  • Choose a new Myth for your new Life: Reframe your identity and role.
  • Give shape to new options
  • Accept the challenge to use cancer as a catalyzing agent of the most powerful recreation of yourself
  • Experience your full commitment with your vision as the most ecstatic, fulfilling, creative and worthwhile thing you could possible do with your precious LIFE


What You’ll Learn…

 Immune Intelligence Formula to Turn Off Cancer and Turn On Life

A 8 +5 Weeks Online Course to Thrive after Cancer and Awaken the Full Potential of Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Week 1

Creating a Daily Practice that transforms you dailyLife with Core Practices to Turn Off Cancer and Turn On Your Life—


  • Learn the easiest and most basic form of a daily practice that will immediately change the dynamics of your everyday life—a simple morning ritual aligning mind body and heart at the service of optimal immune function.
  • Discover a new level of heart coherence, mental clarity, confidence in your healing resources and self-esteem.
  • Activate the key insights drawn from the latest scientific research into how to change your habits without exhausting the limited reservoir of our will power
  • Begin building the structures that can hold healing in your everyday life.
  • Learn micro-shifts, Nano-practices that reset your system on a moment-to-moment basis.

Week 2

Building Your Unstoppable will to live


  • Deepen your morning practice with new process and guided meditation developed especially for this course in order to get you in touch with your innermost will to live, the fuel at the heart of all miraculous life.
  • Contact a strong, clear source of inner determination and discipline that frees you from the heavy inertia that have us at the mercy of the unconscious
  • Learn to navigate among the continuous push pull caused by our inner unresolved conflicts
  • Learn how to overcome guilt, doubt, and inertia, so that you will always be able to resume doing the behavior that builds health , no matter how many times, or for how long, you may have lost the thread.
  • Learn to recognize, call, and run through your body the innate immune intelligence that can organize your recovery, even in the darkest times.
  • Change your inner weather by learning to be your own most compassionate, loving and tender friend.
  • Learn to elicit the healing response at will to respond constructively to adversity.


Week 3

 Tapping Into the Awesome powers of creativity and homeostasis in your brain



  • Get the perspective of the great picture of what’s really happening in your life and what may the cancer be requesting from you
  • Discover and feel how the impulse of homeostasis is guiding your recovery if you learn to listen to it
  • Learn to feel the connection with the greater intelligence of Life to course correct your moment-to-moment itinerary towards health.
  • Find the way to embody both, the peaceful contentment and acceptance of yourself and of life, exactly as it is, and the passionate urgency to transform yourself and the world.
  • Discover how to connect your life’s purpose to the Greater Field of Life and have immediate access to a inexhaustible source of inspiration and renewed energy that will propel you toward the realization of your highest potentials and daring aspirations.


Week 4

Finding Inner Peace in Any Moment
, no matter what


  • Discover the liberating practice of resting within to reset your whole psychophysiology for brief moments anytime, anywhere,
  • Discover how to be at peace with whatever comes your way,
  • Learn how you can deeply relax into every experience, no matter how “good” or “bad “is the weather outside.
  • Reset your whole mindbody state into the most conducive to health and happiness.
  • Increase your body awareness to identify mental and psychological unconscious tension that goes unnoticed and it is the source of a great drainage of energy and pain.
  • Enjoy practicing receiving whatever life throws your way with a total confidence in your ability to handle it.


Week 5

Achieving Dynamic Balance in a Crazy World

  • Optimize your nervous system to stop tuning into unhealthy frequencies of stress and anxiety.
  • Practice of Navigating the Whitewater of recovering from cancer
  • Dare to go deeper than denial and numbness to face the shadow of the illness,
  • Turn what looks like a dark and lonely long night into  the beginning of a new dawn in your life


  • Avoid the habitual traps of fear-based thinking leading to despair, denial, and paranoia.
  • Discover the potentials of your untrained mind to radically elevate your life.
  • Wake up from pharma-corporations and our media-saturated “consensus trance” into the hopeful and wholesome reality of the singularity of your own unique and mysterious life.
  • Practice anchoring in your Immune Intellegence to stay in touch with your resources in the middle of the stormy world


Week 6

Liberating Your Emotions / Aligning With Your Highest Purpose



  • Integrate your shadow, to recover the energy you loose in blaming the world for your bad luck
  • Learn to identify and neutralize the universally paralyzing fear, shame and grief that accompany the illness.
  • Redirect the powerful energy that is released when you discover the courage to face your darkest secrets. That’s the energy we need to recover for healing
  • Discover the amazing power blocked in your wounds and how to transform them into openings for healing and transformation.
  • Open up to the authenticity and depth that can arise when you face your shadow parts with  vulnerability feeling deeply loved in the safe container of the community
  • Experiment the transformative power of listening and being present to our most abandoned, denied and forgotten parts of your psyche


Week 7

Resetting Your Wellness Thermostat

How can we transform our stressed, busy, indebted, medicated, overweight, and addicted lives into sober and sovereign, dignified, generous, passionate and soulful acts of daily courage?

We can prolong life, but is it worthy? ·Do you want to add years to your life? Or, add life to your years?

  • Find out how we are wired for struggle in an unpredictable world and how our neurology may play against us when dealing with cancer survival..
  • Discover how to welcome and accept the not so easy parts of reality, learn to enjoy the perfume of the roses and deal with the thorns
  • Explore your contradictions, ambiguities, resistance
  • Choose to live fully committed to access unprecedented states of clarity and light speed transformation.
  • Learn how to continually bring that “yes” into your life choices, big and small
  • Create a new Perspective from which to appreciate the radiant glory of existence
  • Engage the power of gratitude and forgiveness, and learn how to make these attitudes the organizing principle of your engagement with the world.


Week 8

Discovering how to create Real Intimacy & Support

  • Experience the profound intimacy that arises when sincerely you explore fears, hopes, and highest aspirations, in a community that is a safe container.
  • Take advantage of flying together in formation, sharing the struggle of opening new pathways of healing and transformation.
  •  Join the journey with others to access the intelligent field of collective alignment to inquire into and shape your new life.
  • Build the support you need for your healing journey


Exclusive Bonus Virtual Workshops

We have designed exclusive bonus virtual workshops. Five extra sessions of 60-minute each where we will go further into the specific skills, tools, exercises, and perspectives you need to Turn Off Cancer and Turn On Your Life


Special Bonus Workshop #1

How to Activate Your Extra-Ordinary Healing Response-Abilities ($37 value)



In this 60-minute eye-opening virtual workshop, Edivia sets out to explain how the non-ordinary capacities that we believe only accessible to monks e hypnotists, o gifted humans lie dormant in all of us, and we can learn to use in our own healing.


Special Bonus Workshop #2

Unleashing the Shadow prisoner in the dungeons of the soul and recover its primordial energy ($37 value)





In this 60-Minute virtual workshop, will explore how we can liberate ourselves through shadow work to unleash our fuller potentials.

Whatever feels too threatening to our construed identity is repressed into the unconscious, from where it continues ruling our physiology and sabotaging our conscious intentions. That’s why working with the shadow is one of the core components of Turning Off Cancer And Turn On Your Life

Special Bonus Workshop #3

Crisis as evolutionary Drivers ($37 value)




In this 60-Minute virtual workshop, we will learn to allow the liberating energy of the Evolutionary Impulse change our life and to reframe adversity and setback, as we need to use the best fuel in our heroic journey to wholeness and healing.



Special Bonus Workshop #4

The questions that Midwife New Life. ($37 value)


 If we want to continually grow we need to learn to ask the right questions .We will see how the questions well formulated contain the answer to the problem, or at least we can learn how to frame them in a way that we can learn to live creatively inside them

Special Bonus Workshop #5

Integration Session
: Staying on course after remission




To take our healing practice even deeper, we will have a special Integration Session after the 8 Live Coaching and Q&A calls and extra workshops are complete.

This means once you have completed the Turn Off Cancer And Turn On Your Life course, we will host an additional live session to help you further integrate and embody all that you have learned during the course as well as answering any questions that have arise for you in the trenches of daily life.



A Groundbreaking Opportunity to Turn Off cancer and Turn ON Your Life

Until recently, to work with Edivia, you would have had to travel to join her in a costly live seminar or workshop. But now you can gain the full benefits of engaging directly with her without incurring travel costs, let alone hotel and accommodation costs.

As you may have already experienced, working with Edivia is a unique and life changing experience.

Even if you’ve spent many years working on your issues as they relate to cancer, working with Edivia in this format is certain to move you forward on your healing journey in a new and powerful way.

Edivia will be walking with you, accompanying your personal process, facilitating the online audio sessions; designing appropriate follow-up exercises between the sessions to sort out what arises in your questions ; in a series of audios and videos that lead you through key Healing Practices; through live Q&A calls; and through a members-only online community

                  More Than a Course— a Healing Community!


Activating new potentials and breaking through old habits can be tricky business sometimes with questions and challenges arising all along the way. To get the most out of your work with Edivia, you need not only training, but practice and a context for ongoing support and rich connection with a group of people committed in the same adventure, where we can journey on formation, all together each one their own, very unique path.



When you register for “Immune Intelligence Formula to Turn Off Cancer and Turn On Your Life you’ll become part of an inspired, empowering community of individuals just like you who are deeply committed to their own healing. You’ll be interacting online with Edivia and also with friends from around the world through a private social network created exclusively for the participants in this course.

What You Will Receive

  • Eight 60 to 75-minute audio course sessions with Edivia

During each session we will explore a new aspect of the multidimensional matrix necessary to create the synergy we call a happy and healthy life.

  • Eight 90 Minute Q&A Calls to answer all your burning  questions

You’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions about what’s coming up for you on your journey of turning off cancer and switching on your life

  • Access to our custom-designed exclusive online community forum

You’ll be able to engage with hundreds of other people who will support you in the transformative process of Turning Off cancer and Switching On Your Life. As you go through the course you will be able to join with new friends online to share your successes and insights. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the exciting connection and the strong, wise Field that is created through doing deeply transformative work in community.

  • Exclusive video, audio, and printable PDF instructions to apply my specially designed Whole Neuromusculoskeletal Reset Daily Practice

After so much pain and emotional contraction the body has forgotten how to organize itself in the gravity field with the grace and levity inherent to its wondrous design, as a consequence it drains us of precious energy and interferes with healing.

On the other hand we need the free flow and innate wisdom of all the systems in the body .We need to learn to reconfigure the body as the sacred container of our new life

  • Five 60 Minute bonus Sessions
  • Guided Meditations

Enjoy the Multiple benefits of the different types of meditation, from reconstructing our brain structure to organize the wavelength of brain communication, to develop the necessary mindfulness that restores the consciousness that will guide us in our daily choices to the visualizations that will rehearse the future we want to create or disable the past that traps us and much, much more

  • Digital Audio Downloads of ALL of our Q&A Calls

If you need to miss a Q&A Session, you’ll be able to download it immediately and listen at a time that is convenient for you. Our Q&A calls will also be uploaded to the community site. You’ll be able to revisit important learning moments, and listen to the calls that inspired you over and over again.

  • Digital Workbook with INNERCISES & EXORCISES for each session

Innercises and exorcises are a great way for you to start embodying the lessons of the course in your everyday life.


You don’t need special equipment, Just a computer with Internet connection.



Imagine yourself, just a few months from now, filled with the confidence and passion of being anchored firmly on your hero’s journey:

  • You not only feel the healthiest and most wholesome ever;
  • You’ve discovered buried treasures within yourself;
  • You have recovered your broken dreams and the sheer delight of being alive.
  • You have let go of old stories that weighed heavily on you,
  • You dare dreaming high
  • You have a new confidence in the goodness of life and
  • The healing wisdom of your own organism holds you at every step of the way.
  • Your intention to heal guides your navigation through the ups and downs of your healing journey.
  • You witness with curiosity and awe the extraordinary unfolding in your own unique way.
  • You use joy as your compass for the journey,
  • You’re bringing up new capacities you didn’t know you had in meeting the challenges of life.


You’ve embarked on a cutting-edge program—and it is very difficult to predict what is going to emerge from the depths of the psyche and the body. The least I can promise is that we will learn to make peace and love who we are and shine with the poignant truth of our original singularity. We will go thru seemingly treacherous moments, we may even think all is lost sometimes; there is always monsters and dragons on the way but also allies and good witches. We are coming from a place of deep suffering and after being able to witness it and let it go, let’s learn to  create a life that marries personal well-being and collective purpose.

You’re creating all of this transformation with the guidance of Edivia Navarro and the support of a community, a tribe who is just as passionate about what’s possible as you are.

You are truly on the path of your highest evolution, stretching the boundaries of your authentic potential.

Join Edivia in this extraordinary journey.



We all know that there literally is no other time than this very moment. Now!. So embrace it, and make the choice to step forward and say “Yes” to Turn Off Cancer and Turn On Your Life and on the way to it evolve your self and evolve our world.




….And You’ll be on your way to a journey to heal yourself wholly  and living the life you were born to live.

For help registering or if you have any questions, write to us at




It’s Not Too Late to Join Us!



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