[learn_more caption=”Is Your Website Secure?”]

We carry SSL Technology

The Secure Sockets Layer protects data transferred over the Internet using encryption enabled by a server SSL Certificate. When you checkout and the servers utilize SSL, the data is encrypted on your computer and can only be unencrypted by our servers, not 3rd party hackers.
turnoffcancerturnonlife.com utilizes COMODO for SSL encryption, the encryption leader.[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”My credit card was declined”]
We occasionally have people with credit card issues and we have a solution for you. Some banks have card restriction on International purchases. Although Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life ships from our warehouse in ILlinois, Chicago, US and you are being charged in US dollars, our head office is actually located in Spain and have an Spaniard bank account. Your bank is likely recognizing this and placing a restriction on your purchase to protect you against fraud. From here you have a couple of options:

  • Process your payment using PayPal (you can still use your credit card here as it goes through a different gateway)
  • Contact your bank and give them permission to approve the transaction, you will then be able to place your order online with us using your credit card.

[learn_more caption=”Track your shipment”]

We understand you must be very eager to receive your order. Our warehouse and fulfillment center is based in McHenry Illinois, USA and your shipment is usually dispatched within 24 hours of your order.

Order from within the United States

If you ordered from within the United States then you can track your order using the tracking code sent via email from our dispatch warehouse. Your order should take between 3-5 business days to reach you. Delays could occur during public holidays and bank holidays. If you haven’t received your order after 14 days, please contact us below and we can look into re-shipping and/or re-funding.

Order from Canada

Shipments to Canada usually take a little longer than those to the US mainly because of the tight customs control. Customs need to assess every package going over the border. Delays could occur during public holidays and bank holidays. Please be assured the shipments generally always do arrive safely. If you haven’t received your order after 30 days, please contact us below and we can look into re-shipping and/or re-funding.

Order from Australia

If your order was sent internationally the shipping method USPS First Class International unfortunately does not include tracking – delivery normally takes 7-14 business days but can take up to 21 business days. Delays could occur during public holidays and bank holidays. Please be assured the shipments generally always do arrive safely. If you haven’t received your order after 30 days, please contact us below and we can look into re-shipping and/or re-funding.

Order from Europe or rest of the world

If your order was sent internationally the shipping method USPS First Class International unfortunately does not include tracking – delivery normally takes 7-14 business days but can take up to 21 business days. Delays could occur during public holidays and bank holidays. Please be assured the shipments generally always do arrive safely. If you haven’t received your order after 30 days, please contact us below and we can look into it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and for shopping with us.
[learn_more caption=”I have a faulty products, who should I contact?”]
Please contact support@turnoffcancerturnonlife.com for defect and faulty products.

If the DVD is opened and scratched we do not replace the DVD.
If the DVD is damaged from the transport please inform us immediately.[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”I would like to buy wholesale”]
We would love to contribute to change the world consciousness regarding to cancer.

If you want to be part of our cutting edge approach to distributing our films we have set up a wholesale page where you can buy Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life at competitive wholesale rates.
You can also can inquire into becoming an affiliate and help us distribute our other online programs and cancer retreats. Send us a mail to affiliateinquires@turnoffcancerturnonlife.com or fill the Affiliate Form
All wholesale orders ship from our warehouse in Illinois using our cost price account with UPS ground with tracking within the continental US and Canada. Orders outside the US and Canada ship via USPS International at very competitive rates. Clients are responsible for customs and import duties in each of their respective countries.
All DVDs that we stock are region free and can be viewed all throughout the world.
Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life ships in PAL and NTSC and soon it will have subtitles in Spanish, German, Japanese, French and Italian
Payment options are PayPal (Bank Transfer, Credit Card & PayPal Balance).
There are lots of reasons we have chosen to go this route but the main one is that this will better serve all our customers through:
– Helping to keep prices low.
– Human error will be kept to a minimum.
– Ensuring the prompt dispatch of your order.
– No waiting, order anytime.
– Tracking details and all order information will be available to you in one spot. (USA only)
– Streamlined and easy process.
– One stop shop with access to the whole catalogue in one place.
– More flexible pricing options.

We look forward to helping you use films to make a difference in the world.
If you need help to place an order or for questions about any of our products please send us a mail at wholesale@turnoffcancerturnonlife.com .[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”I would like to host a screening”]
We allow anyone to screen Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life for free and just ask that you register it via our radicalenlivening.com/events  so that others can attend. I’ve included a bit more information on this below…[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”How do I register my screening?”]
It is part of our screening policy that all screenings be registered as an event on radicalenlivening.com/events page . This is a free social networking site for the Community. It is a great place to promote your event, but an even better place for connecting with the people attending your screening and building lasting relationships.
To register as an Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Community member – you will need an email address to complete your registration
Sign in to your Radical Enlivening  profile radicalenlivening.com/events
Click on the “Events” tab from the top menu
Click “Add an Event” and enter the details of your event including:

  1. An email address
  2. The date and time of your screening
  3. The venue name and address
  4. Use the “Share” function on your event’s page to advertise your event on your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter pages.

[learn_more caption=”Is there additional information about the film I can offer?”]
Yes! Please visit our screenings page for materials and handouts to offer your audience after the film.

[learn_more caption=”Can someone from Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life open or speak at my event?”]
As you can imagine, we get many requests like this each week, it is certainly something we would LOVE to be able to make time for. Unfortunately as the Film reaches more people and screenings become more popular, this isn’t something that is always possible with the filmmaker´s schedules while busy making more films and facilitating workshops, but please enquire at screening@turnoffcancerturnonlife.com. You have more information on that on the Screenings Page .
To make your event more personalized please feel welcome to print out copies of this interview with the filmmakers (****) .

[learn_more caption=”Can I sell copies of Turn Off Cancer / Turn On Life at my event?”]
Absolutely! Once people have been exposed to the film, they often like to purchase copies to take home for loved ones and their home library. This can actually turn out to be a great little fundraiser for your event.
If you would like to purchase copies of Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life to sell at your screening, we offer wholesale prices for purchases of 5 DVDs or more via our Automated Online Wholesale Movie Store
We would also love to offer your audience 25% off the film and our courses and retreats via our website. If you are interested in this, let me know via return email. wholesale@turnoffcancerturnonlife.com, indicating your screening and we would create a coupon for your audience.
We´d also like to invite you to join our online community called Radical Enlivening whether you decide to hold a public screening or not – we would love your presence in our community and you can connect with other people who are healing themselves offering tips and sharing their stories.

[learn_more caption=”Do you sell the DVD also on AMAZON.com?”]

YES! Due to the fact that some people have difficulties with Paypal we have the DVD Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life also on sale at AMAZON.com for exactly the same specials as on our website. (ONLY NTSC FORMAT)

Please click here to order. +++++++

[learn_more caption=”Why do you offer only Payment through payPal?”]
Unfortunately Spain banks only offer Merchant accounts charging in Euros . As tourists in USA we can not open an USA Merchant account as it requires a Social Security number. Therefore we are bound to paypal until a different solution in Spain opens up.
If you have experience in this field and can help us find a better solution PLEASE do so. We are open to all suggestions. You can contact us anytime at enb@turnoffcancerturnonlife.com .

[learn_more caption=”Are there other wholesalers to order the DVD from?”]>
We have signed up a number of wholesalers who sell the DVD in different countries. You should be able to Google them. The DVD is also available on Amazon.com for NTSC only.

[learn_more caption=”Where Do I find The Deleted Scenes?”]
If you are interested in the whole footage, we have edited more than 50 hours of life saving information that you can buy at the Shop. There you have packages, both digital and physical products , with the integral edited videos, audios and transcripts of the interviews.

If you buy it , please press play first and then PAUSE. This way you have activated the download and the video loads into your memory. After a minute or 2 you can press play. then your video will play smoothly and without staggering.You will be able to watch it online or download it onto your computer , Ipod, Ipad etc.

[learn_more caption=”What is an Affiliate Program?”]
An affiliate program allows you to make money by referring customers to our site from your web site or your e-newsletter or just your friends or family. Every time a customer clicks over from your site or e-newsletter and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

[learn_more caption=”Do I Need a Website to Join Your Affiliate Program?”]
The Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Affiliate Program is only offered online. This means you must have the means to generate orders online via your own website or some other online medium such as an e-newsletter, blog or forum. We are NOT able to give credit or commission for orders placed by phone or fax.

[learn_more caption=”How Do I Create Links as an Affiliate?”]
Immediately upon acceptance into our program you can start placing links on your site.In our Affiliate Resource Center you have all the directions , it is quite easy.

In the Affiliates page, click the “Affiliate Login” link to login to your account. Once you have been approved, your account details will display the html link imbedded with your affiliate code. Just copy this link and paste it somewhere on your website or e-newsletter.
It’s that easy.
[learn_more caption=”Can a Website Outside the United States be an Affiliate?”]
Yes. We welcome Affiliates from anywhere in the world, as the DVD is shipped to all countries in the world.
[learn_more caption=”How do I know how much I’ve sold and earned Affiliate Commissions?”]
Simply login to your Affiliate account. There you can access your commission earnings and payment details, which are updated daily.
You will also find additional advertising material and videos in the affiliate resources.
[learn_more caption=”How Do I Sign Up?”]
Complete our Affiliate Application +++. You must agree to the terms of the agreement and click save. Once we have received your completed application,  you will get a mail with login details and we will contact you via email with easy-to-follow information on how to get started with creating links on your site.
[learn_more caption=”How Do You Know That Orders Came From My Site?”]
All links from your site, email and banners to our site contain a unique code supplied in our links and banners. Every time a user clicks through to us via your site, you receive credit when a purchase is made.
[learn_more caption=”How Much Does it Cost to Become an Affiliate?”]
Our program is totally FREE! There is no charge to apply, no minimum sales quota and you can cancel at any time.
[learn_more caption=”How often do I get paid as Affiliate?”]
You will receive a check every month or are paid via PayPal provided you have earned more than $50 in commissions.

[learn_more caption=”Why Should I Join the Affiliate Program?”]
As an Affiliate, you can add value to your site by offering your customers access to lifesaving information. In addition, you have the opportunity to immediately start generating revenue with very little effort!
[learn_more caption=”How Can I Best Sell The DVD As An Affiliate?”]
The best way we have observed is if you write a review. It’s by far the best impact as people do not want to be sold to but rather want to be convinced by neutral entities who appear to have a good understanding of the subject. We have a few affiliates who have sent a review to their email list and it had dramatic effects on their sales. In fact the results were hundred times better than just sending out the normal advertisers.
This review does not need to bee long but it needs be critical and have a few negative points, as well as very convincing positive elements. With a final recommendation that it’s worth buying. This way you become the expert and people trust you.
As an affiliate you have then the possibility to insert the youtube trailer to your website with an inserted Affiliate link (we show how to do that on the affiliate resource page) and you can insert a text link into your review. Plus a banner or image of the DVD.
You can then post this review onto your website as well as submit it to all article banks, publish on FaceBook, create a Squidoo lense and send it to Articlemarketer. Same review with slight variations and slightly different headlines. REVIEW  Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life, INDEPENDENT REVIEW Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life, and so on.
This way you have the article everywhere and it will be found easily.
This is a long term revenue as your article or review will be found easily (plenty of keywords) for a long time to come.

[learn_more caption=”eBook download question”]
Are you having trouble finding the link to download the Surviving Cancer The Secret Code To Turning Off Cancer And Switching On Life Guide eBook?
The download links to the eBook are in your invoice email sent to you directly after your purchase. Unfortunately sometimes emails are filtered through to the Junk folder and occasionally blocked all together! The filters are becoming stricter and stricter it seems! If you’ve checked your inbox and still cannot find the link to download the eBook please contact us below.
[learn_more caption=”How do I cancel my membership?”]
To cancel your membership, send an e-mail to support@turnoffcancerturnonlife.com. Please include your name and the e-mail used in your profile. All cancellations will be processed within 24 hours. Please indicate if you are cancelling very close to your renewal date and we will make sure to cancel before your next payment is processed. If your membership is cancelled, you will still have access to the recordings up to the date that you cancelled- but will not have access to any further recordings.
[learn_more caption=”How do I download the recordings?”]
If you are using Firefox:
Right click the “Download” button on the week that you want to download, then select “Save Link As”
Browse to where you want the file saved on your computer (please remember this location so you can find the file later)
then click “save”
If you are using Internet Explorer:
Right click the “Download button on the week that you want to download, then select “Save Target As”
Browse to where you want the file saved on your computer (please remember this location so you can find the file later)
then click “save”
If you are using a Mac:
I’ve downloaded the file, but it won’t play

The size of the file is on each page, please check the file that you’ve downloaded and make sure that it is the right size. If it isn’t, please try your download again, it is likely that there was a connection issue in the middle of your download.
If the file is the right size, please still try the download again.

[learn_more caption=”I have a question about my health”]
Unfortunately legally we are unable to offer any specific health advice, nor can we endorse any specific products. We are here to help guide you in the direction of those who can offer you these things and offer you a support system for healing yourself.
Having said that, EVERYONE can turn on their body’s own healing abilities to heal literally anything. The cancer survivors we hear from every day are living proof of this.
We have a huge wealth of free information on our website, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start, but I’d like to suggest a few places.
Firstly – we suggest working with a natural healthcare professional who specializes in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.
Secondly – we’ve put together a step by step plan to heal cancer . Follow the steps under the Resources section on our community Radical Enlivening
Thirdly – This film talks about many different natural healing approaches. You can watch it online here
You may also want to try the following diet and lifestyle approaches:
Eliminate processed foods – our bodies don’t know what to do with them
Get allergy tested and eliminate high allergen / adrenal stressing foods you are sensitive to – wheat, dairy, caffeine, processed sugar
Switch to organic fruit, vegetables and animal products
Eat only whole foods – nothing processed
Make up at least half of your daily food from raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds)
Drink more water (preferably filtered water) and make water the first thing you put in your body each day – 1-2 liters before breakfast is great to cleanse your system
Start juicing and/or blending vegetables and fruits (predominantly greens)
Start taking a good multivitamin (preferably a whole-food) multivitamin
Find a naturopath or holistic health practitioner in your area and book in for some live blood analysis to get a clear picture of where your health is
Look into colon hydrotherapy
Find an exercise (or a few) you enjoy to do daily (yoga, walking, jogging, resistance training, rebounding, swimming, surfing)
See our section Take Action On Resources
We also have an online community Turning Off Cancer and Turning On Life  which you might like to join and start sharing your journey with other people who are healing themselves
Wishing you wellness.
[learn_more caption=”Still have a question?”]
Please write us at general@turnoffcancerturnonlife.com


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