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Join the Movement that’s Transforming the Lives and Health Consciousness of Millions!
We want you to be part of it!
Join us in raising awareness about the importance of knowing the science behind the bodymind connection as it relates to cancer survival.
This information can empower millions of people around the globe to participate in their own healing from cancer in unprecedented ways.
Right now, we are looking for a team to help spread the word of  Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life.
Our non-traditional approach to marketing and distribution means that companies,
organizations, and individuals alike can contribute to it and at the same time obtain great benefits. It is a win-win.
If you have a website, email list or blog you can use your affiliate link to promote all of the products in the LIFE SHOP with products ranging from $47.00 to $6.000,00. You will receive important commissions on each sale!

As an Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life affiliate you’ll:

Earn important % commission of all our products sales generated from your website or blog (note not all of our offerings are part of the affiliate program)
Receive an affiliate link to include on your website or blog once you sign-up on our affiliate center.
Inside the Affiliate Resource Center you will find tutorial videos to make the best of your promotions and start making serious money while you spread the word.
Have access to promotional material including banners, badges, graphics, and marketing copy in our affiliate center to help you get the word out
Be paid your affiliate earnings via PayPal once a month (a PayPal account is required to receive your payment)
Please note that affiliate commissions are not made on any of the products you purchase for yourself.

Yes I want to be an affiliate of Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life ++++++++ button con infusionsoft w f

Commission payments of 30% per DVD sale of Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life, valued at $47. So you earn $14,10 USD per sale, so making only a few sales can add up quickly.
Commission payments of 20% per Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Complete Pack Integral Interviews ( Digital Product) – valued at $280 each. You earn $56,00USD per sale.
Commission payments of 20% per Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Complete pack Integral Interviews ( Physical product ) valued at $477 USD. You earn $95.40 USD per sale.
Commission payments of 20% per 7 weeks Online course Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Immune IQ Formula plus “4 Days Retreat From Breakdown to Breakthrough or the Caterpillar goes Butterfly” , valued at $777. You earn $155.40 USD per sale.
Commission payments of 20% per 4 Days Retreat From Breakdown to Breakthrough or the Caterpillar goes Butterfly $777 USD. You earn $155.40 USD per sale.
Commission payments of 20% per Online 7 weeks course Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life (without the retreat), valued at $397 each. You earn $79.40 USD per sale.
Commission payments of 10% per Monthly Membership Turning Off Cancer and Switching Your Life of $37 per month USD. You earn $3,70 USD per month.
Commission payments of 10% per Yearly Subscription to Membership Turning Off Cancer and Switching Your Life valued at $297. You earn $29,70 USD
Commission sales can add up fast!
Cookies are enabled for 30 days so you can be assured that if your client visits us directly within a month of coming from your site you will still be credited with the commission!
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Affiliate help:

If you are having issues with the affiliate link, please contact

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program allows you to make money by referring customers to our site from your web site or e-newsletter. Every time a customer clicks over from your site or e-newsletter and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Do I Need a Website to Join Your Affiliate Program?

Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Affiliate Program is only offered online. This means you must have the means to generate orders online via your own website or some other online medium such as an e-newsletter, blog or forum. We are NOT able to give credit or commission for orders placed by phone or fax.

How Do I Create Links as an Affiliate?

Fill up the….+++. Affiliates Web Form above. Immediately upon acceptance into our program you can start placing links on your site. ,+++ click the  “Affiliate Login” link to login to your account. Once you have been approved, your account details will display the html link imbedded with your affiliate code. Just copy this link and paste it somewhere on your website or e-newsletter. It’s that easy.
You will find more directions in the Affiliate resource Page and also marketing material , banners, mails and campaigns to send to your list of family, friends or clients.
You can always contacts us for assistance. We are in the same team and we want you to spread the word and make money while you do what you love to do anyhow.

Can a Website Outside the United States be an Affiliate?

Yes. We welcome Affiliates from anywhere in the world, as the DVD is shipped to all countries in the world and the digital products can be acquired from any where in the planet.

How do I know how much I’ve sold and earned Affiliate Commissions?

Simply login to your Affiliate account. There you can access your commission earnings and payment details, which are updated daily.
You will also find additional advertising material and videos in the affiliate resources.

How Do I Sign Up?

Complete our…….. affiliate application. You must agree to the terms of the agreement and click save. Once we have received your completed application, we will contact you via email with easy-to-follow information on how to get started with creating links on your site.

How Do You Know That Orders Came From My Site?

All links from your site, email and banners to our site contain a unique code supplied in our links and banners. Every time a user clicks through to us via your site, you receive credit when a purchase is made.

How Much Does it Cost to Become an Affiliate?

Our program is totally FREE!

There is no charge to apply, no minimum sales quota and you can cancel at any time.

How often do I get paid as Affiliate?

You will receive a check every month or are paid via PayPal provided you have earned more than $50 in commissions.

How Can I Best Sell The DVD and your other services As An Affiliate?

As an Affiliate, you can add value to your site by offering your customers access to lifesaving information. In addition, you have the opportunity to immediately start generating revenue with very little effort!
The best way we have observed is if you write a review. It’s by far the best impact as people do not want to be sold to but rather want to be convinced by neutral entities who appear to have a good understanding of the subject. We have a few affiliates who have sent a review to their email list and it had dramatic effects on their sales. In fact the results were hundred times better than just sending out the normal advertisements.This review does not need to be long but it needs be critical and sincere, you can include a few negative points, as well as very convincing positive elements. With a final recommendation that it’s worth buying. We honestly believe this movie can inspire people to change their lives and help them to survive cancer and get the life of their dreams.
As an affiliate you have then the possibility to insert the youtube trailer to your website with an inserted Affiliate link (we show how to do that on the affiliate resource page) and you can insert a text link into your review. Plus a banner or image of the DVD.
You can then post this review onto your website as well as submit it to all article banks, publish on FaceBook, create a Squidoo lense and send it to Articlemarketer. Same review with slight variations and slightly different headlines. REVIEW Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life, The Secret Code To Survive Cancer: Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life, INDEPENDENT REVIEW for the film Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life etc.
This way you have the article everywhere and it will be found easily.
This is a long term revenue as your article or review will be found easily (plenty of keywords) for a long time to come..

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