Robert Ader

Professor of Psychosocial Medicine, Professor of Psychiatry, Clinical and Social Psychology, and of Medicine, University of Rochester
School of Medicine

Within the newly created interdepartmental Center for Psychoneuroimmunology Research, he conducts  interdisciplinary studies on several aspects of the interactions among behavioral, neural and endocrine, and immune processes of adaptation.Converging data from different disciplines have provided compelling evidence that, like any other system operating in the interests of homeostasis, the immune system is integrated with other psychophysiological processes and is therefore influenced by and capable of influencing the brain The behavioral components of this program of research currently involve the classical (Pavlovian) conditioning of an enhancement of antibody- and cell-mediated immune responses and studies of the effects of stressful life experiences on immune function. Extrapolating from previous studies in animals, He has also initiated clinical studies of the role of conditioning in the pharmacotherapy of autoimmune and other diseases.

He was founding co- editor of the major journal in the field, Brain, Behavior and Immunity and  co-author of the most important textbook on the subject Psychoneuroimmunology-Third Edition. Academic Press: New York, 2000

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