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IN THE MEAN TIME ,You can Pre-order the DVD or  Download  Turn Off Cancer/Turn ON Life, courses on line or retreats at a very reduced price as part of our World Wide campaign at Indiegogo

How does it work:

You get “PERKS” for your contribution. Which basically means that you can pre-order what you want much cheaper. In this way you get what you are contributing to fund.

Brilliant Idea 🙂

This is an independent film. Due to unexpected events we run out of money for the project when it was almost finished. The movie will be ready in few weeks but we need your support in that.

Once embarked in the adventure of crowdfunding, we decided to fund not only the finishing of the movie but also the distribution of free copies in the schools across the country. The only way to change the health of future generations is through education and we are totally committed with wiping out most unnecesary cancer.

As you know cancer is a very silent dis-ease, by the time you discover it is usualy too late,it has been growing for years untill a vital organ is affected . Beyond the progress on early detection , we need to start changing life styles and  emotional coping  from early life, as early as we can, as our infancy determines the functioning of the immune system for ever.

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If you have been wondering what’s this 90% of unused grey matter in our brains for, or what’s the use of the 95 % of the so-called “Garbage DNA” you can start finding some answers in the groundbreaking documentary Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life.

Join 28 of the world’ s leader scientists in the fields of psycho-neuro-immunology and neuroscience for a guided tour on the hidden part of the iceberg that underlies our physiology.

 The 21st Century is going to be called “The Century We Conquered the Inner Space”, or better yet “The century of the Inside Out Revolution”

After setting our flag in all continents and many planets in the outer space, after having formulated the properties of matter, following the inner drive that makes us humans and God-like creators, we are starting to push the boundaries of the mystery that lies within us, and its possibilities for health, happiness and creativity.

Neuroscience is still in its infancy but expanding exponentially at vertiginous speed and is giving us the keys not only to survive life threatening illnesses like cancer, but a way to collaborate with the next steps of evolution and the excitement of co-creating a world that works for all

What once was Sci-Fi or privy only to men and women with super-powers is now at the reach of your nerve endings if you choose so.

You are about to discover what is possible for your health when you start educating yourself in the use of your miraculous psychophysical apparatus … and this is only the beginning: new discoveries, new dreams, new possibilities are waiting for us inside of this mind blowing documentary.

We are the culmination of a 13,7 million years old universe. We are at the cross roads, at a bifurcation point that can lead us either, into possibilities unheard of… or illness, deterioration, entropy, individual dead and collective extinction.

We, you and me, are the adventures, the explorers of the territory within: the wilderness of mind, thought and consciousness.

Join us in this fascinating challenge of shifting the paradigm in medicine and health by spreading the word of what is possible when you master the principles of mind-body unity to create the best possible functioning of your psycho-neuro-immunological intelligence.

The technology is ready to start collaborating with evolution in a way our parents and grand parents couldn’t even start imagining, are you going to be left behind?


Is it possible that cancer is the body’s way of calling us back to health, re-invention and the adventure of our lives? Isn’t it that what means re-gene-ration?
That’s exactly what you will be convinced of as Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Your Life documents the discoveries, insights and opinions of 7 psychoneuroimmunologists, 5 integrative oncologists, 3 epigeneticists, 8 brain researchers and a host of other game changers in a film that will evolve the way you experience health and cancer forever.

 Not the foreign chants of a medicine man or the New Age schlock of so many positive affirmations but scientific, fact and research based innovations from the front lines of leading universities and some of the most prestigious labs in the country.

Telling the Story of a Post-Genomic Era

By backing this groundbreaking documentary film, you can show the millions of people suffering from cancer in the world, how this exciting new era of mind-body exploration is showing us the keys to be the master of our genes. Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life  reminds us that an inspiring life full of health, promising fruits and beautiful flourishing is ahead of us, a life that is worthy of our total commitment.

Know some of the scientist in the movie:


Turn Off Cancer. Turn On Life started as a personal journey into understanding the impact on me of my mother’s death from cancer and one week later my father followed her out of sorrow. It soon became an adventure into the depths of cancer research today – and the insight that our outdated, culture-wide beliefs about cancer and the mind-body split (and the day-to-day behaviors that accompany them) are themselves partially responsible for this disease in our lives.

Today, this project is about sharing the remarkable insights of these scientific breakthroughs so that we can each, for ourselves and those we love, Turn Off Cancer and Turn On our Life.

The film amplifies the messages of the hard-core neuroscience behind the ever-widening belief that we are in fact able to guide our bodies and brains into health. And it’s about what happens when, due to cancer, we are forced to reorder our priorities and dare to sing our own songs, and in doing so turn our lives into gifts for the world.


When I was diagnosed with cancer I went into a quest in the Internet and found on the one hand piles upon piles of unreliable information promising miracles and on the other hand more piles of indecipherable, dry, impossible to relate with scientific research and statistics.
As a scientific journalist and a psychologist, I could hardly navigate through it in spite of my training. My heart went to the people just diagnosed with cancer looking for solutions for their fearsome, life-threatening illness…also if I was going to bet my life to a course of action I needed to understand the big picture and the scientific validation behind so many claims.
Now I want to share my findings, the inspiring life saving message of this film, with you and the world.
I have given, literally, tears, sweat and blood (not to mention tens of thousands of dollars) to bring this project to life.  I have been working on it 16 hours a day for more than two years already. I sold my Somatics Training School to finance it; I put in it the little money my mother left me, I figured it was the best use I could do in her honor; I borrowed from friends and banks … I literally gave it all I have.

 Blessed ingenuity! If I would have known that making a movie was such an expensive adventure, populated with all kinds of unexpected surprises, complications, and monsters of many heads …you wouldn’t be about to enjoy now this amazing, encyclopedic piece of art and wisdom.
Together with a film crew of two cameramen and a sound engineer, I spent three months traveling the U.S. interviewing almost 50 scientists – the very people who have given birth to fields that have changed the face of medicine and pharmacology on the cross roads of the 20th and 21st centuries.

In collaborating, the musicians, dancers, editors, web designers, production engineers, advisors and a host of others have become a team that believes in this message and the necessity of bringing it to the world.

Last October, literally 2 days after the first launch of this Indiegogo campaign, Hurricane Sandy hit the little house I was staying in Coney Island N.Y. My life, like the life of millions of brothers and sisters on the East Coast, got severely beaten. Now after 5 months spent getting our lives back on track, we return with renewed enthusiasm.

This setback has grown our conviction of the radical need for Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Your Life. We have used the very same principles exposed in the film to get back on our feet. After all, cancer is like a hurricane, tornado or an earthquake that shakes your body’s foundations. As a result we are wiser, stronger and more committed to make a difference.

In the mean time the project also grew into the ambitious, paradigm shifting, far reaching revolution that now can be with your participation and support.



  • Because it’s art. And healing. And love. And cutting edge research you won’t get anywhere else.
  • Because it is the most amazing gift you can offer to any friend or family touched by cancer (it is rare now a days not to know somebody affected).
  • Because it is not ok that in 1940, 30 in 1000 people were diagnosed with cancer and in 2011, the numbers went up to 500 in 1000 and growing!. Yes 1 in 2 people: it means that if you are with somebody now, her or him or you… will be diagnosed in your lifetime. Something must have gone terribly wrong!
  • Because you want to participate in a movement that is changing the believes about health across the planet.
  • Because the best way to cure cancer is to prevent it.
  • Because the people in this documentary need to be heard.
  • Because epigenetic research shows that only 5-7% of cancer is genetically determined and the rest is epigenetic – meaning that you and the people that you love can turn your cancer off.
  • Because this film offers the necessary information to make intelligent, informed choices about cancer.
  • Because your contribution will reach, young people in schools and colleges, and help them on time to spare them going through this
  • Because you can have a protagonist role in changing the health system and the curriculum of the education system
  • Because this is your opportunity to change collectively the things we cannot change individually
  • Because you are paying it forward to some faraway patient, prisoner, homeless, person in need
  • Because it feels good to extend tools and insights that will support the growth of our communities
  • Because we are all together in this
  • Because the big wave that wipes cancer from the face of the earth needs these brilliant voices and your grass roots support to amplify the reach.
  • Because it matters.


Though much of the documentary is finished, there is a sizable chunk left to go and that needs funding.

We have broken the funding up into stages including our original target just to get it finished and then the stretch goals to bring the full project to fruition.

Below is a small slice of where our perks funds will go.
Our Main Goal will fund:
•    Finishing Editing the raw footage, more of 80 hours of lifesaving info
•    Shooting additional footage (we need to shoot some of the dance pieces again)
•    Color correction
•    Sound mixing
•    Production costs
•    Website development
•    Licensing the soundtrack.
•    Legal fees and release licensing
•    ISBN
•    Re-writing the script for book, layout and printing
•    Distribution rights for the film (online and offline)
•    Subtitles in 5 languages(cancer affects you no matter what language you speak)
Our Stretch Goals:

  • When we reach our funding goal we will distribute copies and create a National Campaign to include the exhibition of the movie in every school and college of the country as part of the sciences curriculum. Every class, every year, every kid, every science student has to have the opportunity to watch the movie and be able to make better choices about their individual and collective health. We are in touch with National Youth and parents and teachers organizations to start implementing that.
  • If we go beyond that initial target we want to distribute the movie in all oncology departments in hospitals across the country, Cancer Foundations, Cancer Patients Associations, Public Libraries, homeless shelters and the US prisons.
  • If we go beyond this second goal the “Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life” video will be reimagined to fit a 30 second advertising slot in major movie markets and local TV stations. We want to buy direct ad-buy to reach wider audiences. We believe we need to use marketing for the higher purpose of informing as many people as we can.
  • At the same time we need to gain visibility in Film festivals and pay registration fees and filing
  • We would love to do a Turn Off Cancer/Turn ON Life World Tour to bring the movie and a transformative event to deprived and underserved communities in need around the world.

With your help we can make it happen – and start getting this message out to the world by April 2013, only one month from now!

We have real actionable plans. We only need this little extra money. And yes, please get in touch with any idea, suggestion, advice.


This is more than a fundraiser; it’s a demonstration of support for the new research done in laboratories and universities without the help of big corporations.

The new mind-body exploration programs that are not benefitting any pharmaceutical company, because they simply give back to people the power over their health and lives, need your support.

We have to stop complaining that we are in the hands of powerful corporations and start joining around initiatives that can make a difference.


By donating to this campaign, you’re making a very powerful statement about the widespread enthusiasm that exists for recovering our power to recuperate after cancer and turn our lives around. You are giving people the know- how, the validation, the research and inspiration to empower their lives and use cancer as a catalyst of their gifts to the world.

A crowd funding campaign is the best vehicle to deliver this message.  By reaching our goal, we not only enable a first-of-its-kind educational and ad campaign, we also demonstrate that countless people support the research program we need to continue turning around the fatidic statistics about cancer.

We have seen entire countries waking up, fighting for freedom, rising up against tyranny. We saw it in Iceland, the Arab Spring, Spain, Greece … We got excited. The world is transforming and we want to contribute to that change with this movie.
We are deeply grateful to indiegogo for letting us rally a tribe, connect and engage them in a common inspired conversation and then celebrate them with the rewards they helped bring to life. You are making it possible to bring this knowledge to the four corners of the planet (Yes, we know planets don’t actually have corners). We love making and sharing movies because of their power to spread ideas and change minds.
The money from the project will give this film the jumpstart needed to spread its message through the world.


We have created an amazing collection of PERKS for you to choose from as our thanks for being part of a movement helping us “Turn Off cancer and Turn On Life” across the world..

Each perk a gift of health and healing for you to give to your family, your friends – or yourself while at the same time pay it forward for a perfect estranger !  Because the best way to cure cancer is to prevent it. And that’s exactly what these gifts are designed to help you do.
The  perks themselves will make an indelibly beautiful impression on the rest of your life. Please look at the column to the right to see the extensive list available to you.

And for info about the film, programs, courses and other products  that we offer here as perks you can also visit our website , write us at

If you visit us in our web, please go to the tab TOCTOC Activists under resources and become an angel Activist. It is a program designed to get copies of the film into the hands of organizations in need. Toctoc Activists are individuals who search their local community for places that might find the DVD helpful. These might include cancer patients support groups with no budget, poor schools, jails, homeless shelters, veteran’s organizations, women’s groups etc.


We believe that the information we captured deserves to reach millions. We believe that when it does we will have taken a major step in turning the curse of cancer into a journey of transformation. We believe that cancer can, paradoxically, become an opportunity for the diagnosed to set their lives on fire and bring their gifts into a world that so badly needs them.
Our goal with the movie is to ignite a movement of people who are tired of being passive victims of collective problems;
Help us eliminate the equation “cancer = death” from the myth of our modern culture.
This is an experiment in what happens when we get out of our complacency to seize the opportunity for real growth. It is an invitation to challenge limited views and re-enchant our lives in order to recover health.

It is a catalyst of what is possible when we come out of a passive position and take responsibility for our precious and unique lives.
Turn Off Cancer. Turn On Life is a loud and clear statement about the possibilities of healing, meaning, and the personal and social transformation possible when we step into the great potential of this post genomic era ,where individuals can face their fear, turn their cancer around, embrace their gifts and make a difference to leave behind a more beautiful world.
What Are You Waiting For?

There are many risks and challenges in a movie. Some of which can be foreseen, others cannot.
For example, since we shot the interviews, 2 of our interviewees, one of them nominated for Nobel Prize, have unexpectedly died. (We shot their last public declarations – giving a sad but palpable value to the film.)
We have a great story, great interviews, and great dance. Now it has to be edited and shared. It has to reach its audience.
Our main concern lies in the marketing and distribution. We all know or heard of authors that live with their garage full of boxes of unsold books or DVD. To avoid that we have designed a comprehensive strategy to make us heard in festivals, conferences, colleges, foundations, hospitals, organizations, grassroots groups, and more.
Of course we are going to use the natural and conventional ways of distribution but the key of succeeding will be in using the far-reaching tentacles of the Internet.

Our challenge to overcome – the very one you are helping us with is to bring in enough money through indiegogo to finish a stellar postproduction and launch a campaign so massive that we touch terminals throughout our collective nervous system, the Internet.

Getting the young generation involvedwill change the future of our health


We need to recover the power of our minds and bodies. Cancer is a very slow progressing illness and developmentally we can go back to early trauma as the beginning of the stress response that is at the basis of the inflammation that sets the terrain for cancer.

On the other hand, the healthy lifestyle that support vibrant health and long, happy lives, needs to be imprinted early on, if we want to save enormous quantities of suffering and personal and collective loss caused by cancer..

The importance of telling the psychoneuroimmunology story


Inspired Scientific research is vital for the future. More and more, we are in the hands of huge corporations that don’t necessarily have our best interest in their minds when they decide which research is going to be done.

As concerned citizens, we need to take action if we want scientific investigation to be at the service of human kind and collective wellbeing and not an arm against the most elemental human rights and human dignity.

Although I acknowledge the huge contribution of science to many fields of human endeavor, there is also a great risk in that we are losing all control over the seeds of our crops, the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath and the medicine that is administered to us in our hospitals. We are losing the sense of what it means to be human.

Of course no body can patent the correct use of our own minds and bodies, at least for now.

Although many body mind approaches have shown better results than many drugs in the battle against cancer, It is more and more difficult for researchers to get funding to proof the effectiveness of very simple and in fact innate and inherent abilities of our psychoneuroimmunological system because the only one profiting from that is the patient.

This is your opportunity to get this crucial fact out there. The movie Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life features 30 scientists, the pioneers that have changed forever the field of medicine and cancer in particular. They have changed the definition of many diseases and the way to go about treating them.


Now’s the time to help bring to life this baby!           Get up there and get some perk! 🙂


Thanks so much for all your support.

Love, joy and Health to you and yours.
Edivia Navarro

Film maker


Receive our bottomless gratitude for your contribution!


It is vital to spread the word and create the tidal wave that can Turn Off Cancer and Turn On Life

Basically we are a click away from reaching the people that need to hear about the movie:)




  • $10   Download movie before anybody!

You’ll get a full-length, HD download of the movie. You’ll be the first to download the documentary as soon as it’s finished (before it’s made public)!

Estimated delivery: May

  • $20 Get the long version

If you want to really dive deep, get the download of the long version of the life-changing documentary. Almost three hours beautifully edited. It is been called the “Psychoneuroimmunology encyclopedia” where we go in depth into the keys of our immune intelligence


  • $30 Get the Movie!

You’ll get the DVD (it includes shipping anywhere in the world) before anybody else.

Estimated delivery: December 2012

3 out of 100000 claimed

  • $150 Backer.Your name on the screen!

In addition to download both versions of the  movie, you’ll receive a thank you in the official credits at the end of the documentary, we’ll put your name in the actual credits of the movie. Whoo-hoo!

Estimated delivery: December 2012


  • $180 Rise Your Immune Intelligence!

You’ll get all the same downloadable content as above AND this level gets you access to a 12-week online program “Turning Off Cancer Turn On Your Life” that will take place early in 2013. You have a link to the description of this unprecedented, life-changing course at the bottom of the page. (The course alone is a $499 value).

 Get the structure to support you succeeding on your healing resolutions.

Estimated delivery: January 2013

1 out of 1000 claimed

  • $210 Anti-cancer Library

You will get a Indiegogo limited edition pendrive with all the videos, audios and pdf transcriptions of the interviews, plus the movie, soundtrack and some surprises that you are going to love; It’s a whole anticancer library in your pocket (more than 50 hours professionally edited) that you can listen or watch or read at your convenience. It makes an amazing Life Transforming Present.

Estimated delivery: October 2012

  • 300 Get coached
  • In addition to the downloadable documentary, you will receive two sessions of 60 minutes of coaching on videoconference to support you in your own heroic journey to turn off cancer and switch on your life. (Edivia is coming out of coaching retirement to give you this very special gift!)


  • $375 The Chrysalis of regeneration.

You’ll get all the movie downloadable AND this level gets you a VIP ticket to a very special 4-day transformational, life changing retreat for cancer patients and their families, that will take place early next year in Costa Rica, Mexico or another quiet Paradise within the USA like Kripalu or Omega Institute. (Travel and lodging are not included.). (999$ value) More details bottom page.

Estimated delivery: February 2013


  • $1,000 “Associate Producer”

In addition to all the downloadable content, you will receive official “Associate Producer” credit for the film in official credits at the end of the documentary; we’ll put your name in the actual credits of the movie.

Estimated delivery: December 2012


  • $2,000 “Executive Producer”

In addition to all the downloadable content, you will receive official “Executive Producer” credit for the film in the credits. As well, Edivia would love to share a private meal with you, your family, or your friends. (Travel for you and your guest is not included).

Estimated delivery: December 2012


  • $5,000 Official Sponsor World Tour,

In addition to all the downloadable content, we will declare you Official Sponsor of the World Tour, “Turning Off Cancer and Switching On your Live”. Your name will show up as such on the credits of the movie and in our websites and all our publicity. Edivia will teach one retreat for free anywhere in the world to a community that you get to gift. You get to organize the event and Edivia will deliver a deeply transformational experience.. You are a benefactor to the world and we fulfill your good will.

Estimated delivery: March 2013


  • $10,000 Visionary Contributor!

You get it all, downloads, DVD, pen-drive, 2 VIP tickets for the online courses and the retreats, private meals. Your name will show up as Visionary Contributor on the film credits and in our website and World Tour publicity.. You are a benefactor to the world and we will bring the movie and the retreat in your name to 2 different communities of your own choosing anywhere on Planet Earth. You get to bring life saving juice to a world that will deeply appreciate your generosity

Estimated delivery: December 2012




Get the structure to support you succeeding on your healing transformation.

Our Turn OFF CAncer / Turn On Life  Shop is closed until the 20th of May 2013 , in the mean time

Go to our Indiegogo plattform  and get the movie at a reduced price







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