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Cancer Action Plan

When you or a loved one are first diagnosed with cancer it can be a very challenging time.

Many approaches to treating cancer have been proven to work over the long term as they address the underlying cause of the illness. Whether you have gone down the path of conventional medicine or are considering other treatment options, by being equipped with the correct information you will be able to make well informed decisions for your health.

See A Holistic Practitioner or an Integrative Oncologist

Working closely with a holistic practitioner is an important part of the journey to healing.
In our research for the documentary Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life we’ve come across countless resources and lifestyle considerations that we consider important in the quest for healing. We would like to share some of them here as a guide.

Watch Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life

Healing starts with exploring and understanding the effects of our behaviour normally based on our belief systems and follows with consistent change of course-action towards total mind-body wellness.
Discover the limitations of our current approaches to Cancer treatment and what, results oriented, proven, integrative medicine options exist.
Watching Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life might be the first step in taking control of your health.


The brain goes into what is called the ‘default state’ when we sleep or relax.

When we do nothing, the brain is very busy doing its housekeeping activities, repair and rehabilitation, rebuilding itself and the body.

We cannot overestimate the importance of resting, relaxing and doing nothing for all of us, however, this becomes lifesaving if we are undergoing a cancer process.

So, please take good care of yourself, don’t feel guilty about doing nothing as it is an essential part of recovery and it is FREE!

We tend to have limiting and negative views regarding doing nothing, as if we are being lazy when in truth we’re actually doing something truly important – which is creating a healing state for ourselves.


“Not for spiritual purposes but because it turns on hundreds of genes for healing” says a study done atHarvardUniversityin 2008.

Meditation has been found to balance our brain’s alpha and theta waves, thus enhancing the synergy of our creative and logical cognitive faculties.

Those who meditate exhibit superior pain resistance to electric currents administered to the skin. Research also indicates that meditation can enhance sleep quality, mood, memory, blood pressure, mental alertness, migraines and headaches, posture and stress tolerance.

HOW: sit quietly and focus your attention on watching your breath . Every time your mind wanders or you get distracted, without judgement or criticism, bring your attention back to your breath. Without impatience watch the activity of your mind without identifying with it.
Don’t try to stop it. Like you would do in a movie theater, watch the endless mental activity knowing that you are not your thoughts, you are the one that watches the thoughts, you are the one having the thoughts. You are pure awareness and presence. The more you identify with this part of yourself that can actually choose what to experience, the more you will be in control of your mind instead of being controlled by it. This learning is critical for rebuilding your health.



Your mind is Incredibly powerful!. You can use it to get better. You can adjust your emotions to serve you rather than work against you?.

You can use your mind to affect your body’s responses to illnesses, like cancer, stroke or physical injury.But we have to learn to do that consciously.

We are at the expense of our mind’s effects on our biology when we remain unconscious about it. We are not born with this ability to direct the intrinsec abilities actualized to its full potential, on the contrary the brain as it has been shaped by evolution duriong millions of yearsit may be not well equipped to respond in today’s complex world. We have to update it and this has to be acquired by modeling and consistent practice.

Everything you think, feel, say or do takes place through your mind. You are usually totally unaware of how past experiences, expectations and early life events control everything you feel, think, say or do. And you are probably in denial of this fact.

But when we recognize this and learn how to gain control of our inner mental mechanisms, we can tap from a vast set of inner resources, and transform our lives and our world.

Your mind holds the secret of how to heal yourself, fulfill your life’s purpose, and achieve your heart’s desire. You have the passion, wisdom and power to unleashed the capacities that lie within you and you can learn to gain access to them.

The thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself in relation to the world around you produce images that directly affect how your body functions . . . or doesn’t function.

Healing and success follow when you are able to modify and powerfully direct your thoughts, emotions, and mental images.

The key is to guide your mind to positively impact your brain.

You can eliminate the toxic influences of excessive physical and emotional activity (fatigue, fear, depression, anger, muscle tension), and to restore balance and energy.

Your brain is a bag of hormones, an endocrine gland, a chemical factory. We tend to think about the brain as neurological connections and electric activity, but most of it is regulated by hormones, neurotransmitters, peptides and informational substances.

Your mind, through its innermost thoughts, beliefs and images, induces your brain to secrete the chemicals that create your emotions, the state of your body, your ongoing experiences, and all your behaviors.

Health or illness, happiness or misery, success or failure – these are the results of your inner imagery. Learning to control this imagery is central to self-healing. Unless you wanna worry yourself to death, or make things much more difficult.

Guided imagery, generally recognized as one of the most powerful tool of Mind-Body Medicine, is a deceptively simple technique for creating relaxation and healing.

Intentionally guiding your images gives you great power because mental images bypass cognitive thought (worry, distraction, over-analysis) and sends healing messages directly to the deeper levels of your brain (subcortical structures), and from there to every cell of your being. These messages travel through primal sensory and emotion-based pathways of your nervous toactonthe immune system.

We can learn to use the Right Brain’s ability to sense, perceive, and feel and to bypass the Left Brain’s tendency to think, analyze, criticize, judge and decide.

Imagery is the language your brain uses to talk to itself, to create emotions, and to control the movement and functioning of your body. When we talk of imagery, we mean visual imagery, auditory imagery, kinesthesic imagery etc

Your mental images are the result of the thoughts you are currently thinking, or have thought in the past.

You Are What You have repeatedly thought in the past and you can start cahnging as you choose to hold different thoughts in your awareness.

Thousand of scientific experiments and probably your own experience prove that.

What Do You Want In Your Life?

have you considered the posibility that your life is not the result of what you want but the outcome of powerfull collective and private forces playing themselves in the field of your bodymind. We are the result of education, early conditioning, social programming, ancient instints and a whole biografic determination thta we can redirect if we dont like where is taking us.

In order to do that you have to stop and ask yourself , your heart, your body, your mind, what is it that you really, really, really want, so then your brain can start organizing all its cognitive and perceptual abilities to make it possible.

Unless you stop and take a moment to consider what you really want , there is no way you can start creating the new patterns, rituals and routines that can create the life you so desire.

Create a comprehensive list of everything that can make you feel good. list all the adventures, things, states , experiences, games, activities that you would like to try , or have more of.

you dont have to be realistic, or limit youeself, it is just a list, you don’t have to pursue all of them, just let your mind fantasize with possibilities and notice how you feel. Allow yourself to experience what is possible, simply notice your heart’s desires and longings.

Allow yourself to settle into the experience of imagining having , doing, being anything that you may be feel any curiosity about. That in itself will organize your brain to pay attention for opportunities , to orient itself to provide you with what you want, this is what the brain is for also.

And then let the anticipation, the hope, to start igniting your most basic mechanisms toward healing.

It is very difficult to go through a major illness, days become medical procedures to fulfil and life seems a boat that sinks, and we are just treading water. That’s why it is very important to deliberately spend time visualizing the desired outcome , the life you want to enjoy once you are cured, the person you want to be, the experiences you want to share.That will keep you inspired and focused

Joy, your GPS toward the fullfillment of your purpose.

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