Join the Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Community

It is in community that we get sick and it is in community that we need to grow healthy.

It is very difficult to do it alone. We need all the support, encouragement and inspiration possible.

Sharing your ideas and successes with other like minded people is a great way to learn and grow.

Healing is as much about good nutrition and good decisions as it is about connecting with like minded individuals in a nurturing environment.

Find or create a Support Group.

When you initially embark on a natural healing journey you may feel that you’re alone, especially if your family and friends urge you to follow a conventional approach. Fortunately, there are many cancer support groups that will have you realize you are not alone on this journey and will be able to offer you hope and inspiration along the way.

Stay tuned as we are creating a Healing Circles Guide lines to create groups and community to support your journey to health around the principles of the movie Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life..

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