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Below are some questions aimed at getting a discussion started around Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Web Resources
Find resources related on under the tab on our home page.
1. Which scenes or interventions were most memorable, powerful or surprising to you?
2. What are the risks and consequences of conventional medicine – to the patients and to the community?
3. If a friend asked you, “why is treating cancer so expensive?” what would you say?
4. What is your personal experience of the mindbody relationship?
5. The cost of local and organic food , is it worth?. Why is it worth more? What’s different about it?
6. How can we make a “huge health impact” by taking responsability of our health?
7. How is integrative health different from conventional one?
8. Is there a local services in your community that can help you with your health? If
so, how can you support them?
9. If your legislative representative was here tonight, what would you ask them to do to further
the Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life movement on a policy level?.

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