How To Host a Screening

Across the land we are receiving an overwhelming response from audiences who are riveted by the message in Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life.
These audiences are energized to make changes in their own lives which in turn change our culture.
By hosting a screening of  Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life you can participate in shifting the consciousness around cancer.
Thanks to our viewers, Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life is no longer just a film. In December, we are formally launching Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life as a social health action campaign to empower cancer awareness, challenge limiting beliefs related to cancer survival and fully realize one’s potential. Hundreds of organizations will participate in a series of small forums which help lead to a cultural and sociological change.

You can host your screening of the film for FREE!
Give your students, members and friends the tools to understand the keys of mindbody connection. Empower them to be as healthy as they can be, offer them a good jump start on a cancer free life.

Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life takes an eye-opening look at the mindbody relationships that make possible health and healing, as well as creating the best context for collective health and well being. That permits facing the increased incidence of cancer in young people as well as learn to prevent it.
We also offer a very engaging interactive workshop presentation utilizing documentary footage, live interaction, roleplays, dance, art making, games and deep inquiry to give the experience of how small changes can make huge differences in the desired outcome of health.

If you are interested in finding more about our Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life  interactive workshop presentations, please write us at


Hospitals, Patient´s Groups, Conferences, Colleges, Schools and Educational Institutions, Non-profits, Faith based Organizations, government entities, and local businesses around the world are organizing screenings.

Here are the first steps to consider in organizing your screening(s):

0. Choose a Screening Date

1. Envision the kind of screening you’d like to host. How big or small do you want it to be? What dates would work? What other activities would you like to include?

2. Partnerships can be extremely helpful when putting on an event. Partners can help promote the screening to different outlets, sponsor the event with products or cover other costs, as well as share the workload. Who might make an appropriate partner?

3. Sponsorship is a smart thing to research and consider in the beginning of your planning process, especially if you hope to host a large event. Know your costs before you seek monetary or in-kind sponsorship. Look to businesses who would benefit from reaching your event’s attendees or ones with whom you have established relationships.

4. Financials/Ticket Sales/Proceeds.* We encourage you to sell tickets to your Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life screening. Not only do people value what they pay for, but even a $1-2 ticket price will help you recoup your licensing costs. If you bring in more, you can donate the proceeds to one of your local non-profits, or to us to fund courses for cancer patients that cannot afford them. Visit our TOCTOL Activist Program for more info.

5. Securing your screening location. Think outside the (theater) box! Consider churches, schools, campus classroom, center or theater, independent theater, public library, community center, religious institution or local hall, auditoriums, town halls, and sides of barns, community rooms, patients groups…
Often theaters are not the best place to share Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life. They are frequently expensive and don’t necessarily support engaging or long discussions.
Compare prices; check availability; ask if food can be served on location; confirm the duration of your rental agreement, (book for at least 3 hrs); request an in-kind donation for some or all of the cost.

6. Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life’s Director, Edivia Navarro, is available for interviews. We encourage you to Invite her along for Q&A and break-out session. This is a 4 hour session including the screening.
If you would like to arrange something for the press leading up to your event, you have some media materials. Also  let us know and send us clips of your events so we can post it  at the community page.

Edivia is also available for speaking engagements (in person or via Skype) after the screening. Email  or  for schedule and pricing.

7. Register your event on our website We’re excited to help you promote your screening. To register, look under the SCREENINGS tab on the navigation bar. Click and it will take you to the UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE , where you can click on the  +Add an event and fill a very simple online form with all the details, name, title, location venue, etc.

8. Invitations & Publicity. Announce the event via email. Post on listservs. Tweet about it (our hashtag is #Turn_ Off _Cancer, create a Facebook Event on your FaceBook page or post it on the wall of the Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Facebook Page  or use Evite or MyPunchbowl.

9. Invite a guest speaker or organize a panel to led a post screening discussion. Contact a local health practitioners or cancer survivors to share their experience with those issues, an Environmental Studies professor or grassroots person, whatever will best suit your event.

10.Everyone loves to snack during a movie. If possible have fresh, organic, raw food, so we can start leading with the example offering local fare supports the local economy – exactly what Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life is about! Have a recycling bin visible & be mindful of keeping waste to a minimum.

11. Take Action. Use the positive energy in the room to start cancer patients support groups & support existing ones.
Encourage folks to host their own Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life house party!

12- Encourage guests to sign up for Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life’s community  so we can stay in touch.

13. Consider ordering the Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life DVD’s or book at our wholesale price. Reselling these items will help cover expenses. (For more information about those products please visit our store or our wholesale page.)

14. Invite speakers to foster a forum and dialogue afterwards. A  Q&A   forum will help spark meaningful conversation.

15. Finally, don’t forget to buy your own copy of the film.

16. Thank You for joining the Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Movement.


Health, Ecology, New Integrative Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology, Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, Evolution, Medical Anthropology, Dance Therapy, Mindbody Practices, Art Therapy, Sociology, Anthropology, Corporate America and Your Health, Spirituality and health, Social Transformation, Social Evolution, Personal Growth, Health Empowerment and Health Advocacy, Social Psychology.


When taken into a theater or classroom setting, Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life creates deep inquiry and building of extrapersonal bonds, increase of the awareness of the personal power related to individual and collective transformation in the arena of health and lifestyle, intellectual stimulation, and often radical transformation of individual and collective habits determining health levels.
The conversation is an excellent tool for both students and the public to examine the paradigm of health and medicine and create consciousness to prevent cancer, an epidemic that will affect one in two men and one in three women in their lives time.
Audiences explore where they must play and interplay personally, politically, economically, socially, psychologically, and spiritually to walk together on the path to become healthier individuals in healthier communities.

Thank you for being an integral part of Change!

Turning Off cancer celebrates the doctors, thinkers and patients across America who are reinventing our health system.
We have witnessed the rapid transformation of our health system into an industrial model, and now we are confronted with the consequences: patients treated as numbers, inhuman medical care, costly and inefficient treatments, unaddressed deadly live styles, artificial body-mind split that robs us of our most powerful resources, food contamination, environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, and morbid pharmacological corporations that decide even how our doctors are trained.
The movie presents robust scientific research on the effects on healing of the mental and emotional states of the patients.
Forging healthier, sustainable alternatives, the film offers a practical vision for a future of our health system, a new paradigm that takes under consideration the untapped powers of the mind and our relational lives to build healthier individuals in a healthier planet.

Complete credits & bios available online.

Edivia Navarro was born in Spain, lived for many years in the USA, after her own diagnosis with cancer and the death of both her parents and many friends, set out to investigate for herself the difference that makes the difference, why some people took the cancer diagnostic as a powerful stimulus to transform their lives and turn an apparent curse into a blessing of personal and social transformation.
Here is a quick rundown of things to consider when hosting a community screening.
We’ve Got Your Digital Back

  • Our press kit and press photos,  Electronic versions of our movie poster and postcards are available online for you under the menu bar at the Screening page .
  • Create a Facebook Event for your screening in your Facebook account & join usat the Turn Off Cancer Turn On Life Facebook Page for updates
  • Tweet about your event on Twitter! hashtag is #Turn_Off_Cancer
  • Your movie go-ers can keep the movement going by signing up for the Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life  Updates   on our homepage and buying their copy of the film.

Let’s Talk.

Below are some questions aimed at getting a discussion started around Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life Web Resources
Find resources related on under the tab on our home page.
1. Which scenes or interventions were most memorable, powerful or surprising to you?
2. What are the risks and consequences of conventional medicine – to the patients and to the community?
3. If a friend asked you, “why is treating cancer so expensive?” what would you say?
4. What is your personal experience of the mindbody relationship?
5. The cost of local and organic food , is it worth?. Why is it worth more? What’s different about it?
6. How can we make a “huge health impact” by taking responsability of our health?
7. How is integrative health different from conventional one?
8. Is there a local services in your community that can help you with your health? If
so, how can you support them?
9. If your legislative representative was here tonight, what would you ask them to do to further
the Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life movement on a policy level?

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Interested in having Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life’s Director speak at your event or university?

email us at

Group screenings are a great time to learn, make connections, get ideas, set up study groups and enjoy being in a gathering of like-minded people.

Join us in celebrating our launch of the film and web site and screen the movie Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life for FREE .
Take advantage to also host a fundraiser for your group or organization.



It is additionally permissible to raise money for your screening through any of the following means:

  • Purchasing copies of Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life DVD at wholesale prices and selling them before, at and after the event.
  • Holding a raffle or fundraiser for your group or organization
  • Asking for sponsors to pay for expenses like rent and equipment
  • Asking for donations after the screening.

We recommend you in any case to purchase a minimum of 10 DVD’s to cater for those who attend due to its complexity and densely packed content.
The Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life DVD retails for US $37
Below are our wholesale prices:

The Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life 2 DVD set retails for US $47. Below you have the wholesale prices

Quantity Price Set …… You save ………………Total price

1 at $47.00 ………………..0% off ………………..$47.00 …………….Add to cart

5 at $33.00 …………….. 30% off……………. ….$165.00 …………..Add to cart

10 at $28.00……………. 40% off………………..$240.00 …………..Add to cart

15 at $26,00…………………45% off……………..$390.00……………Add to cart

30 at $23.00 ……………..50% off………………..$690.00 ………….Add to cart

120 & more at $19,00 ….60%off……………….$2.280,00…………Add to cart

Please note, these prices do not include shipping.
We have a central replication and distribution house located in the USA  that distributes internationally with affordable postage and handling rates.
For orders over 500 DVD’s please contact our wholesale department at
The Recommended Retail Price for Surviving Cancer The Secret Code To Turning Off the DVD is $49.00 USD with website specials not below $47.00 per DVD.

You can also sell Gifts: a  turnoffcancerturnonlife  t-shirt, tote, teacup (coming soon)


By bringing Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life and its filmmakers to your school or your organization, you will help spark COMMITMENT WITH HEALTHY PRACTICES, meaningful conversation, seeding of vital information for the lifelong health of young citizens, self-exploration and an idea incubator for creating much needed change in our society.
Panel Discussion: Including the filmmaker Edivia Navarro. We encourage you to include professors from your school or organization as panelists. -1.5 hours (Speakers fees not included in the free screening offer)
Suggested Topics of Discussion: Health, Ecology, New Integrative Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology, Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, Evolution, Medical Anthropology, Dance Therapy, Mindbody Practices, Art Therapy, Sociology, Anthropology, Corporate America and Your Health, Spirituality and health, Social Transformation, Social Evolution, Personal Growth, Health Empowerment and Health Advocacy, Social Psychology. The Science behind mindbody interaction, how our emotions affect health, the change of the paradigm of Medicine with Quantum Mechanics, Ecology, Toxic Substances in the Environment and cancer, Social dynamics and Individual health, Individual and Social health, what’s health anyway?, Personal Growth, Spirituality and Health , Psychology and Health, health Politics.
Total event time including discussion: 3 to 4 hours

Please write us at  if your institution is interested in booking the film director Edivia Navarro to your  screening of the film .
We will design with you a 4 hours experiential seminar that will have a radical transformational impact in the lives and health of the students or members of your organization.
We have worked with all kinds of communities, of any age, gender, race, interests and idiosyncrasies and we have always been able to deliver a meaningful, life changing event.

Please send us a mail at
Our representative will be in touch with you.

 Download a Screening Resource Pack.

This pack contains all that you need for your screening (except of course a copy of the film which you will need to buy here).
You can download the Complete Screening Resource Pack in a .zip file:

Or you can download each file individually:

Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life Screening Checklist

Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life/Guide To Host a Successful Screening
Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life Screening Poster
Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life Screening Policy & Permission
Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life Screening questions
Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life DVD cover
Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life Official Trailer
Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life Sample Newsletter advertisement or Flyer

Turn Off Cancer/ Turn On Life Event atendee handout
Of course if you have any other questions or needs feel free to contact us:

screening[at]TurnOffCancerTurnOnLife .com++++


In registering a screening with, Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life implicitly gives you the permission to host a public screening.
Any other public screening not registered though is considered breach of copyright.



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