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The other day I was consulted by a men, a 35 years old young architect. He had just received the devastating news that they had found metastasis form an earlier stomach cancer in his pancreas, and he was in total panic having bought into the popular myth that pancreatic cancer was already a death sentence.
He arrived to my office in shock, half dead already, it was as if the news had already sucked up most of the life in his body.
I acknowledged his pain, his overwhelming fear, the confusion, he hardly could articulate a word, he was siting there, his body collapsed in a state of utter hopelessness, I sat silently with him few minutes, letting him know that there was no hurry, nothing to change, nothing to pursue and that we could stay present, receive and accompany whatever that would arise .
I asked him to get confortable and tell me about times where he felt awesome, when he felt the healthiest, most powerful, most in shape, when he felt he could do anything,
After few seconds of a vacant look in his eyes, suddenly his whole physiology changed , his eyes light up, he almost jumped up and sat strait like filled up from within by a new kind of energy, his muscles got some more and he instantly looked alive.
He started to tell me about a football match he was playing one particular Sunday morning with the boys of Sunday school few years before, when he felt that in spite of being 30 he felt he could play better than the teenagers, he felt on top of the world, his legs strong as a panther crossing across the playing field, his feet masterfully dominating the ball, his reflexes working with laser precision, his heart pumping blood with no signs of fatigue, his mind leading tactically and the body responding as one.
As he was describing some of the feats of this peak experience, he was recovering the color in his chicks; his body was getting more erect on the chair as he got so much into it.
After 5m he looked like a different men than the one I just greeted, his voice sounded different, all about him was different.
I pointed this to him, and simply asked to notice, what felt different in his body.
sure enough he shared that it felt like life came back all of the sudden, he felt the legs strong, the chest open, the neck getting ready to hit the ball with the head, he felt the excitement all over, the breath was powerful, the energy rushing visibly through , he was pushing the arms of the chair he was seating ready to take off
I thought he was going to get up and show me right there some of his athletic prowess, when he realized he was in my office and maybe not in a bar with his mates, he said, oh my God, I feel so alive, how can this be possible? where all this energy came from? I feel I can do anything, how can this be? 5m ago, I hardly could make it into your office and now I feel like I just had one of those downloading you see in the movie Matrix.
I silently nodded in agreement, and only said yes, this is the power of your mind, amazing? Isn’t it?
He looked at me in disbelieve, this experience got him so much by surprise, and was so undeniable, that set up firmly the foundation of our work.
He new, we don’t have the ultimate control over our lives, but now he was totally willing to make the best of whatever was left, long life, short life, didn’t matter. He was committed to be fully alive, perfectly healthy in spite of the tumor.
He could see he could learn to use the power of the mindbody unity to create the healthiest, happiest persona he could and he was committed to it.

Published by Edivia Navarro

Psycho-oncologist. Cancer Guide. Director & CEO of IDEITA. Institut for the Developpment, Education and Investigation in the Alexander Tecnique .Director of TRANSFORM-ACCION

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