The Most Important Conversation



When you start paying attention, very soon you will hear a voice that hardly stops, constantly keeping yourself company for good or for bad, going along everything you do, like an uninterrupted subtitling of reality.

I call it the inner commentator. Like the TV or radio sport’s commentator, it broadcasts all your activity, day and night( perhaps not at night, although I seem to have it in my dreams too)

You know what I mean: she is such a fake…he has no idea what I am going through… what a hat…this is ridiculous… I’ll never get it right…big mouth…green light…what a bore…let’s see if…just on time…so pretty…so ugly… bad luck…good luck…and on and on and on…

In fact, it is not a single voice it is multiple. We are all, inhabited by a number of characters, and that’s ok, we all need multiple personalities to perform multiple roles.

The voice could be critic or supporting, sensitive or ruthless, cruel and tyrannical or complacent, good mannered or impatient…Obviously I am simplifying, this is not a psychoanalytical essay.

I invite you to start noticing it and choose to use, in addressing yourself, the same care, excitement, benevolence and clarity you use with clients, coworkers, bosses, lovers, neighbors, friends.

Start noticing how this conversation is the musical background of your life, the primary environment in which you live, the air you breath.

If you are habitually anxious, worried, resentful, tired, envious, overwhelmed, victimized, start paying attention to the words that generate your inner weather,the conversation behind the emotional environment that animates or dis-animates you.

You can choose the way you tell the story to yourself. You can challenge yourself friendly, supervise your performance with humor, question yourself with objectivity, and inspire your actions with integrity.

This conversation can keep you stuck or frees you into untold possibilities.

If you pre-select the voice of your wisdom within to guide you each step of the way be ready to see your hat get full with the gifts of life.



Published by Edivia Navarro

Psycho-oncologist. Cancer Guide. Director & CEO of IDEITA. Institut for the Developpment, Education and Investigation in the Alexander Tecnique .Director of TRANSFORM-ACCION

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